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30 Years of Positive Impact

We'd like to share a few of our clients' stories.

We grow relationships over time based on evidence of reliability, honesty, integrity and competence, and we are committed to establishing a deep familiarity of your business and the way it operates.


Waldmann_logo.Engineers of Light

Case Study: Waldmann Lighting USA

“We met BT Partners 23 years ago. They helped us migrate to SYSPRO and we’ve never looked back. SYSPRO does everything we need, and BT Partners is an ideal long-term partner. Our relationship works so well because BT Partners has evolved as we evolve. Neither of us is content with the status quo. We’re both continually working together to make business better.”

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Managed IT Services case study

Case Study: Mother and Child Alliance

“There are services that we know would be nice to have, but we don’t truly need them. BT Partners was honest with us about what things we needed to do to create a secure, supportable network, and what things we could wait on. I have a lot of respect for BT Partners, and in return, I feel like they respect us. That makes for a great partnership."

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Managed Services case study

Case Study: Jelmar, LLC

“BT Partners provides Managed IT Services as well as Syspro support...we get more services at a lower cost from BT Partners. They leveraged much of our existing hardware, optimizing functions while saving us money. I call them with any technology question, & they’ve got answers...they have never let us down.”

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Domo Case Study

Case Study: Nelbud Services Group

"Each of our applications holds a piece of the picture, and Domo pulls it together artfully. Essentially, if the data resides in one of our business applications, Domo can access it and BT Partners can bring it to life."

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Broadpath logo 2 - website

Case Study: Broadpath, Inc.

"With BT Partners’ help optimizing Sage Intacct, we went through a period of huge growth without the need to add additional accounting personnel. They’ve elped up automate processes, freeing resources to be more strategic and proactive, not simply transactional.”

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Allured Business Media

Case Study: Allured Business Media

“I really lucked out with BT Partners because it is the most responsive vendor I have ever dealt with. They are a great vendor. The team is awesome. They are all about the customer.”

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Raphael Industries LogoCase Study: Raphael Industries

“BT Partners not only took the time and effort to really understand our business needs, but they demonstrated in multiple sessions how SYSPRO could be our solution. A bonus was the ability for BT Partners to be a source for hardware, IT and server support.”

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Tru Family Dental LogoCase Study: TruFamily Dental

“BT Partners took the time to understand our business and our unique business structure. I have had a great experience and the greatest testament I can give to them is that I would recommend a friend to use them.”

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Exacto LogoCase Study: Exacto, Inc.

“BT Partners is a great company from the President all the way down to the support technicians. They give me the right advice and are not just trying to sell me something. Their support team has been amazing and it feels like they are friends that just happen to work for BT Partners.”

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