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Tuscan Gardens Management Corporation owns and operates three luxury senior living communities in Florida. The company’s award-winning facilities are warm and inviting, evoking home to their residents. They are also complex and expensive to build and maintain. To gain the insight and visibility it needs to run the company profitably and compassionately, Tuscan Gardens relies on the skill of BT Partners and the power of Domo.

"BT Partners has turned Domo into a platform Tuscan Gardens uses each and every day to access various aspects of the business for real-time data and ongoing visibility into any-thing relevant to decision making."

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Larry Pino

CEO, Tuscan Gardens Management Corp

Bringing Data Points Together

Kevin Larrivee, Financial Analyst for Tuscan Gardens, notes that the senior living industry has not traditionally leveraged technology to the extent that many other industries have. “There hasn’t always been that focus on the entire operation,” he says. “Instead, each department uses a best-of-breed solution, but there’s little visibility across functional areas. We wanted to change that, bringing our data points together for better visibility and insight.”

The organization turned to BT Partners, its Sage Intacct consulting firm, for advice. BT Partners recommended Domo, a powerful business intelligence (BI) platform that could provide the company with visibility into every aspect of its operations. “We first looked at other BI applications like Microsoft’s Power BI because we thought Domo was designed for larger companies,” says Larrivee. “However, once we saw Domo and how it interacts with Sage Intacct, MedTelligent’s ALIS, and our CRM software, we knew it was the right fit.”

Creating the Control Center

BT Partners’ Domo team went straight to work, creating dashboards that serve as the control center for Tuscan Gardens’ management team. MedTelligent’s ALIS houses the company’s billing, clinical and resident data, while Sage Intacct holds cost data. Using Domo, Tuscan Gardens can integrate the data, bringing it to life. “BT Partners has turned Domo into a platform Tuscan Gardens uses each and every day to access various aspects of the business for real-time data and ongoing visibility into anything relevant to decision making,” says Larry Pino, CEO of Tuscan Gardens.

Larrivee agrees, “BT Partners created dashboards that show us metrics like vacancy rates, market room rates compared to what we are currently charging, what floors in what facilities may need additional staffing level based on resident acuity, and much more.” In addition to democratizing clinical and billing data, Domo provides insight into the effectiveness of the organization’s marketing efforts. “We tag invoices with a campaign identifier from our CRM application,” explains Larrivee. “That allows us to track how many leads a campaign generated, the total cost of the campaign, and how much revenue it generated. Those answers require input from our CRM, our billing software, and Sage Intacct. Without Domo bringing all that data together, it would be tremendously difficult to get this information. Advertising is a big expense of ours, so clues into how to do it better are extremely valuable.”

Cost Visibility Spawns Better Decision Making

Due to the upfront costs associated with building a brand-new Senior Living Community, Tuscan Gardens needs to obtain deep insight into its costs and billing strategies to reduce the time required to get them past debt service breakeven and into profitability. “We need to look at revenue holistically, answering questions like, ‘Am I charging too much?’ or ‘Are we offering discounts we don’t need to?’,” says Larrivee. “Each of our applications holds a piece of the picture, and Domo pulls it together artfully. Essentially, if the data reside in one of our business applications, Domo can access it and BT Partners can bring it to life.”

Labor is one of the most significant costs for Tuscan Gardens, so the organization works to monitor it carefully. By tapping into their data from ADP, Domo allows management to track labor in real-time. Larrivee explains, “We can look at our labor costs in myriad ways — by department, by location, or by job role to gain a clear picture of our workforce. Even the work schedules are available to us in Domo so that we can compare scheduled hours to actual hours to better understand and control overtime costs.”

A Platform for Visibility

BT Partners has turned Domo into a platform Tuscan Gardens uses to ask questions and get answers. From identifying what marketing activities generate the most leads, to how supply costs fluctuate, to which service offerings are the most profitable — Tuscan Gardens has a tool that provides answers.

As CEO, Pino appreciates the fact that Domo provides visibility across the operation. “I use Domo daily for complete transparency over the operation of the entire business — financial, marketing, sales, and operations. It brings together every aspect of the company.”

Using Domo, BT Partners has combined all Tuscan Gardens’ business applications into one intelligent database. “We call Domo the operating system for our business,” Larrivee says. “We can now answer previously unanswerable questions. Before, we managed by looking in the rearview mirror. Now, our technology gives us time — time to impact meaningful change in the organization.”

Technically Astute Partner

“Our partnership with BT Partners is beneficial on so many levels,” concludes Larrivee. “They use their experience in our industry to connect us with other senior living managers so we can share strategies and successes. They are always available with advice, direction, and fresh ideas — and technically, I’ve yet to meet anyone more astute.”

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