Domo - More than just Business Intelligence

A complete integrated platform that not only stores, cleans & prepares the data in all of your systems, but provides detailed analysis through visualizations, predictive models, and KPI forecasting.


Comprehensive Solution

Domo connects, stores, organizes, and analyzes your data, so you can easily visualize & share it, without needing other solutions or tools.

Connection & Integration

Domo’s Connector Library has 1500+ prebuilt API connectors to quickly integrate systems for more visibility. If one isn’t available, we can easily build it for you.


We have clients leveraging Domo ranging in revenue from $9 million to $2 billion. The price & scalability adapts and supports you through growth & changes.

Self-Services System

We show clients where their company can go with data, but once set up, clients can be fully self-sufficient or we can provide continued support & guidance.

Single Source of Truth

Domo gathers, filters, & combines data from all of your systems, so you can create interdepartmental or multi-entity reports with one source for informed decisions.

Mobile Access

While many tools offer mobile apps, with Domo you can run your business from your phone, with the same dashboards and visual tools no matter where you are.

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Pillars of the Domo Platform

More than just a visualization or dashboard tool, Domo overpowers other business intelligence and executive analytics tools with its fully connected platform.


You can connect to data in the cloud, on premise, or in proprietary systems – bi-directional integration is available to any source and federated queries avoid duplicate data.


Domo allows you to store billions of rows of data and govern access down to the row & individual. The solution’s architecture and dynamic scaling, allows it to scale with you automatically.


With a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can transform data & build pipelines even if you’re not a SQL expert. The experts can also write custom R or Python scripts for predictive modelling.


Use Domo Explorer tools to provide quick, accurate insights through fully customizable visual layouts & charts. You can easily edit sizing, colors, explanatory text, and images.Use Domo Explorer tools to provide quick, accurate insights through fully customizable visual layouts & charts. You can easily edit sizing, colors, explanatory text, and images.


Domo’s platform provides built-in collaboration and productivity tools so you can create conversations to discuss data & insights discovered and auto-schedule report delivery via emails.


Domo’s data science diagnostic & cleaning tools make data prep more efficient and reliable. Then use those tools to create predictive models and get notifications if KPIs deviate too much.


Domo provides an open app ecosystem and over 600 pre-built API connections, but our team is very experienced in creating custom apps & connectors for your unique needs & tech stack.

nelbud background


Nelbud Services Group Grows by 500 Basis Points with Help from BT Partners and Domo. “Domo is a powerful & sophisticated tool. To get the most from it, you need an experienced partner like BT Partners,” says Michael Crafton, CEO.

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Detailed insight into the key areas of how Domo can impact your business.

Domo can help you examine your data from a predictive perspective. The solution uses your historic data so you can run more accurate forecasts, identify opportunities, and inform decision making based on trends – so you can direct action rather than play catch up.

Our team works with you to set up the most insightful predictive models and even warning notifications if your KPIs stray too much from your assigned thresholds, so you can respond as fast as possible.

Domo’s platform was built for the enterprise security, compliance and privacy requirements of highly regulated industries. With multiple logical & physical security layers, threat assessments of new features, client managed encryption keys, and extensive monitoring – at Domo, security is everyone’s job.

When combined with our Domo and Managed Services teams, the sky’s the limit. Our teams work closely together to ensure that not only is your data secure with Domo, but your infrastructure and entire tech stack are secure & running smoothly.

Domo provides detailed data governance and unlimited personalized data permissions so you have complete control over who can access exactly what data. The solution enables self-service BI so your team can do their own analytics & reports, but you can audit & track any changes.

Our Domo experts will help connect your data warehouse(s), then show you how to use the Data Lineage & Impact Analysis tools to explore data lineage, easily find broken datasets, and show users the impact of the changes they make.

All systems offer dashboards, but Domo’s are truly beautiful. It’s a canvas for tailor-made reports where you can adjust pixels, colors, layouts, and commentary – with no coding needed. Our team can build them for you, or your team can explore, dice & slice and build their own.

Domo’s dashboards allow you to tell a story with your data, easily creating interactive maps, graphs, charts & more. The bonus is that all data is provided in real-time and dashboards are instantly available & updated on any device, for any user.

Domo offers over 500 graphs templates so you can stop using spreadsheets and start making real progress with optimized technology. All of Domo’s visualization tools are interactive and can be drilled into as many layers as you want to get extreme details.

These tools allow anyone from your Sales Analyst to the CEO to see the big picture and also dive into the nitty gritty details needed to make faster, more informed decisions.

Recognized by Experts: Webby Awards, Dresner Advisory Services Technology Innovation Awards, The Cloud Awards, Capterra Shortlist, Ventana Research Analytics & Data Value Index

All that being said, we put the most value on what our clients say. We’re happy to connect you to any of our clients so you can do your own due diligence. Most companies will give you a few pre-arranged references, but we can offer you a large list of clients to choose from so you’re not talking to someone who’s been coached ahead of time.

All these features are great, but they’re not actually why a company chooses Domo, at least not with BT Partners. A lot of solutions can help you visualize your data, but our team’s deep technical skill set connects & prepares your data so you can pull out the insight trapped in it.

Clients choose BT Partners because our consultants are deeply invested, offering the practical expertise & seamless support your business needs. Clients are often unaware of how much data they have – we pull it all together so you find the right numbers to analyze and the right KPIs to look at.

Technology is a key part of your business and our Managed Services consultants are deeply invested, offering the practical expertise & seamless IT support your business needs to be successful.

Services include system monitoring & security, back-up & disaster recovery, server & desktop support, and full System Assessments to review your security, infrastructure & processes. Whether you need a completely new network or simply an improvement, our managed services team can help.

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Tuscan Gardens Senior Living - Domo Executive Analytics

BT Partners has turned Domo into a platform Tuscan Gardens uses each and every day to access various aspects of the business for real-time data and ongoing visibility into any-thing relevant to decision making.

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