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NorthShore Care Supply

NorthShore Care Supply (NorthShore) provides products that positively impact people’s lives — increasing privacy, delivering confidence, and busting the stigma surrounding incontinence. Founded by Adam Greenberg two decades ago, NorthShore evolved into a growing mid-market enterprise with 40 employees and more than $25 million in annual revenues. Years ago, the company made the strategic decision to partner with a technology partner that would enable it to focus more of its valuable resources on growth and innovation. The decision has proven to be wise, and BT Partners remains NorthShore Care’s strategic managed services and business technology partner.

"We’ve gained a technology provider who continually looks for long-term, scalable solutions that perform optimally year after year."

Adam Greenberg

Founder & President, NorthShore Care Supply

A Partnership for Success

“When we met BT Partners, we didn’t even have a server, just a half-dozen computers daisy-chained together,” recalls Greenberg, who remains the company’s president. “BT Partners got us beyond that early bootstrap mode, installing a server and the associated infrastructure and then helping us migrate from QuickBooks to SYSPRO.”

BT Partners continues to serve as NorthShore’s managed services technology partner, supports its SYSPRO application, and also guided the company through a successful launch the implementation of Domo, the leading business intelligence (BI) and data visualization application.

Dave Rose, Director of Finance for NorthShore, sums up the partnership well. “BT Partners has been by our side for years, helping us make strategic decisions to grow and scale the business. From IT infrastructure, to finance and operation applications, to eCommerce and BI solutions, we rely on them to set us up for success.”

Increasing Data Literacy

Before BT Partners introduced the company to Domo, Dhirag Rustagi, VP of eCommerce and Marketing for NorthShore, and his team used a variety of tools and technology to pull data from varied applications and websites. “We spent too much time gathering data and not enough time drawing value from it,” he says. “Domo has helped increase the organization’s data literacy and has encouraged more objective conversations within the team. The marketing team, for example, now accesses conversion rates, order funnels, and subscription reports regularly to help them plan for relevant projects and enhancements.”

“We’re a data-intensive company,” notes Rose. “We gather and compile a great deal of data, and Domo provides an efficient way to make that data usable. We’re bringing in data from our shippers, social media including Google, our website, and SYSPRO and turning that data into strategic insights that help us grow the business profitably.”

Conversion Rates Up to 80%

New customer acquisition is the lifeblood of every business. One of NorthShore’s key customer acquisition tools is its sampling program which allows customers to try a product to find the right fit before placing an order. When NorthShore Care launched the program, it quickly gained traction, and the company sent out thousands of free samples to prospects, however only converted less than 10 percent into paying customers.

“While that may sound fine, we wanted to do better,” explains Rustagi. “We used Domo to help us optimize the sample program. We decided to try charging prospects for shipping and refunding the charge when the customer placed a paying order. Domo helped us monitor the change, and ultimately, we found that while we filled fewer sample orders, our conversion rate jumped 80%. Fewer orders mean less overhead, plus our customer lifetime value increased significantly. It’s insight that would have been nearly impossible to get without Domo.”

NorthShore continues to rely on Domo to power its customer acquisition and retention strategies. By analyzing data points including page views, order frequency, average order value, and the types of products ordered, the company has a clearer understanding of its customer needs, allowing it to hyper-focus its marketing resources.

Rustagi adds, “Domo helps us turn data points into important insights which drive better understanding about customer behavior and allows us to better plan the next set of marketing initiatives.”

Supply Chain Visibility

Since the pandemic, material and shipping costs skyrocketed, increasing unpredictability and decreasing margins. However, NorthShore was able to weather the disruption effectively — thanks in part to the rich transactional history stored in SYSPRO and the Domo-powered visibility into its inventory and global supply chain.

“We were able to quickly pivot, making pricing changes sooner,” explains Greenberg. “Plus, we could anticipate increased lead times resulting from the supply chain issues. That allowed us to not only order the right amount of product in time, but look ahead and be certain we had the storage capacity available to handle it.”

Confidence Grounded in Insight

“Having Domo and SYSPRO in our toolbox gives us the confidence to invest in new projects and opportunities and to make sure those investments produce the best results,” says Greenberg. “For example, we’re now setting up a new warehouse in Las Vegas. If we couldn’t analyze our current shipping costs and logistics and forecast future savings, we might not have expanded when we did. Domo provides the infrastructure that allows us to try new things and quickly determine if they’re working. As a business owner, that’s invaluable.”

The insights extend through the finance department, as well. “Our finance team spends less time gathering and formatting data and more time thinking about how we can use that data to power new initiatives,” says Rose.

Focus on Long-Term Success

Rose speaks to the long-term strategic value of its business technology solutions. “Often a company will outgrow its software within a few years. That’s not true of Domo, though, or of SYSPRO. We haven’t begun to reach the limits even as we expand its utilization across the company.”

Greenberg adds that BT Partners plays a significant role in the ongoing success of the company. “We’ve gained a technology partner who continually looks for long-term, scalable solutions that perform optimally year after year. BT Partners has a different approach from other firms. They are focused on delivering value, whereas other providers focus on billable hours. We’ve even had BT Partners steer us away from initiatives they didn’t think would add long-term value, even though they could bill us in the short term. Every day they stand behind their work and reinforce why we continue to rely on them.”

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