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From cars and boats to ATVs and snowmobiles, if it moves, Maxxsonics USA Inc. has an audio solution designed to fit. Headquartered in the suburbs of Chicago, the company designs and engineers innovative mobile, marine, and powersports audio products. For nearly all of Maxxsonics’ 20-year history, BT Partners has been the company’s technology partner, providing SYSPRO ERP application support and managed services.

"For every challenge we’ve faced, BT Partners has offered a solution. It’s great that our system is dynamic and flexible enough to allow us to adapt."

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Sherri Sawyer

CFO & VP Finance

Turning Up the Volume on Operations

“We’ve relied on SYSPRO ERP since our inception,” recalls Sherri Sawyer, CFO and VP of Finance for Maxxsonics. “BT Partners has been our support provider from the beginning. More recently, we hired them as our Managed Services Provider (MSP) to ensure our technology infrastructure stays healthy too.”

While product manufacturing is completed overseas, product design, engineering and development are performed in Maxxsonics’ US headquarters. “Our products have a long lead time, which is especially volatile right now, so we need highly accurate sales forecasts to ensure we order exactly what we need at the right time,” explains Sawyer. “BT Partners designed several reports and queries that draw data from SYSPRO and provide us with the insight we need to keep the right product mix on hand.”

The value of reporting extends beyond forecasting, keeping the company’s mobile sales force informed and empowered. “BT Partners designed a whole range of custom reports for us,” says Sawyer. “We send them to our sales teams to provide them with inventory availability data and metrics surrounding their own sales activity.”

Years ago, BT Partners developed a custom scanning solution within Maxxsonics’ warehouse. By eliminating manual data entry, the company has increased both the speed and accuracy of its shipments. “All our products are serialized so that we can track them for warranty purposes,” Sawyer says. “We scan all the equipment as it goes out the door and that data updates SYSPRO automatically.”

Continual Improvement

Even after 20 years, Sawyer says BT Partners continues to help the company generate more value from SYSPRO ERP by finding new and improved ways to use the application. “Our business changes and grows, and we run into challenges,” says Sawyer. “For every challenge we’ve faced, though, BT Partners has offered a solution. It’s great that our system is dynamic and flexible enough to allow us to adapt.”

As CFO, Sawyer appreciates the ease with which she can get the data she needs to better manage the company’s finances. “I’m in SYSPRO every day, looking at orders, checking on shipments, watching back orders, confirming inventory levels, and monitoring receivables,” she says. “SYSPRO provides the information in concise ways that let me stay focused, productive and informed.”

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Sound Technology Advice

“We used to have an internal staff member — we jokingly called him MacGyver — who handled our network and computers,” recalls Sawyer. “When he retired a few years ago, we realized it was time to hire a professional IT team. BT Partners’ managed IT services group stepped in to fill the role.”

Sawyer says the company quickly realized how outdated their existing technology was. “Everything needed updating. MacGyver did a great job of keeping us running on a budget, but we’re large enough now that we need a team of professionals.”

BT Partners performed a comprehensive analysis of Maxxsonics’ current technology and made a list of recommendations. “Then they helped us prioritize the list and create a technology budget for the coming years,” says Sawyer. “They are such great partners. They gave us an honest assessment and worked with us to update and improve our infrastructure while still respecting our budget.”

As part of the MSP agreement, BT Partners handles nearly every aspect of Maxxsonics’ technology, from automating backups and updating software applications, to maintaining the network and VPN. “We’re now head and shoulders above where we were,” notes Sawyer. “We know our IT systems are modern, secure, and supported.”

A Better Way

Maxxsonics is enjoying one of its best years to date. Thanks in part to its robust technology infrastructure, it’s able to capitalize on increased demand to scale the company to higher heights. “Some companies are content to do things the way they’ve always done it, but we’re always looking for a better way,” concludes Sawyer. “So far, we’ve found the best way is trusting our technology to BT Partners.”

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