BT Partners’ Managed IT Services Keep the Energy Flowing at National Power Corporation

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When it absolutely has to work, National Power Corporation is the company to call. This innovative enterprise designs and assembles custom, rechargeable battery packs that power portable devices. Manufacturers in the mission-critical medical, security, seismic monitoring, and telecommunications sectors bundle National Power’s battery packs with their equipment to provide reliable, always-on performance. Founded in 1981, the company operates from a single location in Chicago, serving customers around the globe. Safety, reliability, and sustainability are built into National Power’s products — and they are the same traits the company looks for in a Managed Services Provider (MSP). BT Partners is the MSP National Power trusts.

“We’ve worked with BT Partners for over a decade,” says Joel Alport, VP of Supply Chain and IT at National Power. “They continue to exceed our expectations with every interaction.”

"“Their advice and input is helping us evolve and improve our technology infrastructure, taking us to another level of efficiency.”"

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Joel Alport

VP of Supply Chain and IT, National Power Corporation

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Managed Services as a Strategy

As a mid-sized company with limited resources, National Power needs all its employees working to design the best products and provide exceptional service, meaning it can’t spare the resources to maintain an internal IT department. “That’s why an MSP is the right fit for us,” says Joel. “BT Partners manages every aspect of our technology and advises on best practices we should adopt. They keep everything running smoothly.”

When the pandemic forced much of National Power’s workforce to work remotely, the company felt confident its technology was already up to the task. “They configure and manage our VPN, ensuring it is secure and always accessible,” says Joel. “They’ve been a big driver in our whole technology modernization efforts.”

Security is Top Priority

Cybersecurity is a top concern for every company, and National Power is no exception. BT Partners continually monitors the company’s network and endpoint connections for suspicious activity and has configured multi-factor authentication (MFA) and a robust firewall for heightened protection.

“We know that security is an ongoing process, not something we can put in place and forget,” says Joel. “BT Partners works with us to continually ensure we’re engaging in best practices and using the most effective tools to keep our technology safe.”

Several years ago, National Power was the victim of a phishing attack. Hackers broke into one of its supplier’s email systems and sent National Power an email announcing an address change for vendor payment remittances. An employee didn’t identify the scam and made the payment. In response, BT Partners suggested a subscription to a security awareness training application.

“We’ve been using it for a few years now,” says Joel. “In addition to training employees, the application periodically tests our team by sending out emails and provides us with weekly reports about suspicious activity and clicks. It has created a whole new awareness among our staff — people are thinking before they click.” BT Partners has stepped up security protocols across the board. “They’ve implemented MFA within Office 365, threat detection, attachment scanning, rolling password changes, endpoint detection, and helped us secure a cyber insurance policy,” Joel adds.

Access to the Best

“We couldn’t afford — let alone find — the level and extent of expertise we get through BT Partners,” says Joel. “We’d have to create a fully-staffed IT department, and even then, I don’t think we’d have the breadth of experience and knowledge that BT Partners’ team brings.”

When users have a question or issue, they simply email the BT Partners’ helpdesk. “We always receive a quick response and good communication,” notes Joel. “It’s fast and efficient and I don’t have to get in the middle of the process.”

BT Partners has a local Chicago presence, which Joel appreciates. “Even if they don’t need to come on site very often anymore since nearly everything can be accomplished remotely, it gives us an extra measure of confidence knowing they are nearby.” National Power also appreciates the straightforward billing model. “We pay a monthly fee for a defined number of hours and tasks,” Joel explains. “This simplifies our budgeting process, since we know what our IT expenses will be.”

In addition to ongoing monthly support, National Power and BT Partners regularly collaborate on new IT initiatives, applications, or hardware that should be factored into the budget. “We have a long, successful history with BT Partners,” notes Joel. “While we rely on them to keep things running smoothly and securely, their value goes beyond that. Their advice and input is helping us evolve and improve our technology infrastructure, taking us to another level of efficiency.”

Above and Beyond

National Power has choices in MSP providers, yet Joel says they’ve never considered switching. “We form relationships with our suppliers, choosing to work with companies who we trust and who are skilled at what they do. BT Partners is a valued supplier — they continue to provide responsive service at a fair price, and always follow through on their promises. What more could we want?”

Recently, Joel and National Power’s CEO were part of a virtual conference for executives where the topic of discussion was cyber insurance. “People had lots of questions, and we thought, ‘I bet BT Partners knows the answers,’ so we called them and their CEO joined the call,” Joel recalls. “He provided great input and guidance for the group. A simple act, maybe, but it speaks to the level of service we’ve come to expect with BT Partners.”

Just as National Power’s products ensure that the devices they protect will continue to perform, BT Partners’ Managed Services team provides National Power’s technology with the same protection.