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Learn about Datascope WMS for SYSPRO

The DATASCOPE warehousing solution (WMS) has been built specifically for operation with SYSPRO ERP and therefore is highly integrated into SYSPRO via the standard SYSPRO E.NET object layer. Although the WMS has its own MS SQL database, it holds the bulk of its data in the standard SYSPRO tables. The software therefore acts as an intelligent layer between the warehouse factory floor operations (mobile devices) and core SYSPRO.

Get to know Datascope:

High Level Benefits

Datascope is a plug and play solution for almost all SYSPRO distribution and manufacturing companies. The software is completely settings driven and can therefore easily be configured to operate in many environments.

Benefits at glance:

  • Picking efficiency improvements

  • Optimization of random bin locations

  • Picker heads reduction/ reallocation

  • Lot traceability improvements

  • Raw material FIFO controls and COA linkage

  • 2D barcode scanning

  • Voice-directed picking

  • Reduced stock take time

  • Management efficiency reports

  • WIP tracking visibility

  • Reduced inventory levels

  • WIP labor postings

  • Improved stock accuracy and visibility

  • End to end functionality includes raw materials, WIP, finished goods and dispatch

  • Load Planning

  • Various check out audits

  • Order packing lists and box identification

  • Shipment POD’s

  • Cycle counting

  • Enforced WIP process controls

  • Online notification system

Industry Strengths

The versatility and industry independence of the DATASCOPE WMS has been proved across many industries including

Consumer Goods (High-volume distribution)

Chemical Industry

Automotive Industry

Cosmetics Industry

Food Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Manufacturing Environment

Textile Industry

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