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Furniture & Fittings Manufacturing

A unified and simplified solution to help put your furniture quickly into the homes of satisfied customers.

Craftsmanship & Technology Combine for ROI

To be successful in the furniture and fittings manufacturing industry you need great craftsmanship, but also technology that is adaptable and customizable for your businesses current & future needs.

BT Partners offers suite of furniture manufacturing technology solutions and services to help you streamline business operations, improve supply chain productivity, and enhance customer relationships, so you can reduce time-to-market and increase ROI.

Real-time Insights

Build solid relationships and gain a competitive edge from accessing accurate, quick, and reliable customer sales-related information and data.

Better Product Projections

Improve product availability by maintaining a stable balance of supply & demand through better reporting, forecasting, and executive analytics.

Continuous Innovation

Turn innovative activity into business process improvements to gain competitive advantages and increased profitability.

Digitally Transform Business

Integrate & connect partners across the supply chain as well as your entire tech stack, for increased security, efficiency, and collaboration.

Waldmann Lighting USA

“Our relationship with BT Partners works so well because they have evolved as we evolve. Neither of us is content with the status quo. We’re both continually working together to make business better. BT Partners is an ideal long-term partner.”

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SYSPRO ERP for Furniture & Fittings Manufacturers

If you’re looking for a business management solution to simplify your furniture and fittings manufacturing operations, SYSPRO ERP and the BT Partners team are the ideal combination. The solution offers superior collaboration & integration activities, and our experienced consultants set us apart. Our SYSPRO consultants have decades of experience partnering with clients to improve processes & performance, so you can be efficient, profitable, and successful.

Managed Services Provide Stability & Security for Growth

Our skilled IT consultants partner with clients to improve technology and increase flexibility & scalability, enabling your team to do what they do best. Using the latest cybersecurity, BCDR, and emerging tech tools, we ensure your system & data are always available. Whether you need a completely new network, simply an improvement, or Microsoft 365 tools, our team can help.

Executive Analytics Provide Insight for Growth

Many companies don’t know how much data they have and miss out on critical insight. Our executive analytics team optimizes the multidimensional reporting offered by DOMO, Power BI, or Birst BI so your data is organized, analyzed, and presented in interactive & visual reports. Dependable, real-time, and actionable data improves your business processes and increases ROI.

Waldmann Lighting USA

“SYSPRO’s MRP functionality helps us plan & manage our ordering process so we have the stock we need to satisfy our customers’ requirements. Our inventory accuracy is 97% or higher. We know we can rely on our numbers & make promises we can keep.”

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