Executive Analytics

Data analytics are more than just ‘business intelligence’ and our consultants can help you level up.

Business Analytics

We work with leadership teams & organizations to help them understand where there’s value in their data and how to translate it. We drive informed decision making and empower clients to achieve strategic goals with a boardroom focused insight.

Successful business analytics solution projects or implementations have three equal parts – we need to understand a client’s data, business processes, and organization chart. With a macro view of the entire company, our team provides long term impact with our tools & unique expertise.

Comprehensive Skill Set

We bring a diverse skill set as beyond writing code, our team includes CPAs, database architects, and full stack developers who excel at API.

Strategic Partnership

We listen to clients, understand your concerns, then create plans for ideal KPIs, dashboards, frameworks, & methodologies – all with tailored technology.

Change Management

Beautiful dashboards are one thing - we ensure people actually use them by adapting processes & training your team to be as enabled as the technology.

Data Literacy

After hundreds of data sets in many industries, our team can unlock buried insights and bring other use case scenarios that your team can leverage.



Repeat Customers/Projects


Expert Analytics Consultants



A comprehensive solution that our team can connect to all of your solutions (on premise/cloud), then help organize & transform your data. Domo’s interactive visualizations let your team access insights quickly and easily collaborate on custom reports. Our dedicated consultants can also help you create reliable predictive models for more agility and better decision making.

Microsoft Power BI

A collection of apps, software services, and integration connectors that translate your data into easily understandable and interactive dashboards & reports. Whether your data is in spreadsheets, cloud databases, or onsite data warehouses, our consultants can help you leverage Power BI to compile it and create visually interesting reports so you can focus on what matters most.

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Infor Birst

With pre-built industry and role-specific metrics, Infor Birst simplifies business intelligence for everyone from the manufacturing floor to the boardroom. Our consultants can help you take advantage of this flexible, adaptive solution that provides full governance along with AI automations to simplify & speed up reporting for more agile and responsive decision making.

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Reporting Services

No matter what executive analytics solution you’re using, our team can optimize it so you get as much insight as possible out of your data. Clients are often unaware just how much data they have. With extensive experience with SQL Server Reporting Services and Crystal Reports, our dedicated consultants help your team compile & translate data, for the KPIs most important to you.

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“Each of our applications holds a piece of the picture, and Domo pulls it together artfully. Essentially, if the data resides in one of our business applications, Domo can access it and BT Partners can bring it to life.”

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Business Insights and Resources

Customer experience analytics

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HR analytics

Empowering Your Business with HR Analytics

field management service software

How to Calculate & Use the Top 3 Field Service Sales KPIs to Drive Sales


This depends – for all the executive analytics solutions to be honest. We realize that’s not the answer you were hoping to get from this FAQ, but it really does depend on a number of different factors. From the complexity of your solution, number of solutions to integrate, IT infrastructure, amount of internal resources vs outside support needed, there are a lot of factors to consider.

Our consultants are available to discuss your specific needs though and our delivery team is fully involved in the sales process, so there are no hand-offs and everyone is accountable. When you combine business intelligence solutions with BT Partners, you get the lowest risk and
highest ROI.

This can range from one week of consulting services to multi-month projects depending on your needs. If you have a business intelligence solution you’re happy with but just need some help tweaking it to get a bit more unique data from it, or a custom dashboard created, then we can certainly help.

If your company is in need of a digital transformation and would like to connect all of your business solutions to one business intelligence solution, then tailor that solution to your unique needs & reporting, then that would understandably be a longer engagement.

We work with all types of companies from all different industries, ranging from financial services, to non-profits, to manufacturing, to distribution, to field services, to senior living facilities – the list goes on. We also with small local businesses and large global corporations. Our goal is to build a strong partnership with each of our clients and work with them so they can leverage technology to meet their broader business objectives.

All these business intelligence features are great, but they’re not actually why a company chooses a BI solution, at least not with BT Partners. A lot of solutions can help you visualize your data, but our team’s deep technical skill set connects & prepares your data so you can pull out the insight trapped in it.

Clients choose BT Partners because our consultants are deeply invested, offering the practical expertise & seamless support your business needs.

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