Microsoft Solutions

A suite of scalable solutions to help your team collaborate, innovate, and get great work done. Our team of dedicated managed services consultants optimize the solutions for your unique needs.

Microsoft partner

Security & Collaboration Tools

Cloud Infrastructure & Networking

Microsoft Azure provides an open & flexible cloud computing platform with 200+ products & solutions for virtual computing, storage, networking, & more.

Identity & Security

Microsoft solutions provide built-in industry-specific and internationally compliant security & privacy controls to secure your devices and data.

Robust Email

Industry-leading capabilities in Office 365 include the ability to use your own domain name and manage your emails, calendars, and users from any device.

Meetings & Collaboration

Start meetings straight from your system to keep geographically dispersed teams working together with more communication & cohesive relationships.

Improved Team Communication

Along with video calls & webinars, Microsoft Teams provides instant chat from desktop or mobile app and document sharing to keep your team connected.

Microsoft Partner Expertise & Support

These solutions may seem simple but our team brings years of expertise helping companies implement & optimize these solutions and continue to support you.

Microsoft Solutions

One of the most well-known brands, and for good reason. Top business solutions to keep your company a step ahead with the latest AI-powered technology.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform

Azure provides an on demand scalable & flexible platform with an open source framework and advanced compliance features, enabling your team to do what they do best.


A suite of best-in-class Office online apps, Microsoft Teams, and secure cloud storage with advanced security that helps everyone be as efficient & productive as possible.

SharePoint Online

A mobile intranet enabling your team to work together easily & seamlessly. Our team can optimize the solution so you can securely store, share, and organize files, with unique team sites.

Microsoft Teams

A complete communication platform with secure data encryption so your team can easily collaborate from anywhere with video calls & webinars, desktop & mobile app chat, and cloud storage.

One Drive for Business

Windows 10 Cloud storage service to sync & back up your team’s computer files to the cloud, providing access to documents on other computers, phones or tablets through the mobile OneDrive app.

Mother and Child Alliance

Anne Statton is grateful she’s found an MSP that strategizes on ways to extend the budget while ensuring security & accessibility. “I have a lot of respect for BT Partners and I feel like they respect us. That makes for a great partnership.”

managed services for nonprofits

Detailed insight into the Microsoft solution capabilities and BT Partners’ expertise can impact your business.

As a certified Microsoft Partner with years of experience, our managed IT services team can help your team not only choose which solutions are best for your team and implement them tailored to your unique needs, but also continue to support you as your needs grow & change.

Our team of dedicated consultants have expertise in a wide range of industries, and are able to provide strategic guidance so you can get the most value out of your technology.

We know a lot of Microsoft solutions are available for purchase online, but working with an experienced & certified Microsoft Partner can drastically improve the impact and ROI of your technology solutions. The word “partner” is used a lot these days, but we truly partner with our clients, putting relationships over transactions. When you optimize the way your business uses technology by partnering with hands-on experts, the sky’s the limit.

Technology is a key part of your business and our Managed Services consultants are deeply invested, offering the practical expertise & seamless IT support your business needs to be successful.

Services include system monitoring & security, back-up & disaster recovery, server & desktop support, and full System Assessments to review your security, infrastructure & processes. Whether you need a completely new network or simply an improvement, our managed services team can help.

A lot of companies have extensive amounts of data, but the insight they could learn from it is trapped in their systems. Our executive analytics team works with you to make that data useful, informative, and easily accessible.

We use top business intelligence & data analytics tools including Domo, Infor Birst OEM, and Power BI to help clients organize & analyze their data, then present it with modern visualizations & real-time dashboards for easy reporting & decision making.

As a complete technology partner, BT Partners offers highly skilled managed services and executive analytics teams, as well as multiple teams specializing in the business management solutions Infor CSI, Sage Intacct, and SYSPRO ERP.

With decades of experience across a variety of industries, our dedicated ERP consultants can help you choose the most appropriate solution for your needs or support your current solution. One team, dedicated to improving your processes and achieving your goals – that’s BT Partners.

Product features are great, but they’re not why a company chooses to work with BT Partners. Companies choose to work with our Managed IT Services team because of the strong combo of partner expertise and product functionality. We know you have many options for your Microsoft solutions or IT support. Clients choose BT Partners because our consultants are deeply invested, offering the practical expertise & seamless support for your business needs.

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