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High Tech & Electronics Manufacturing

Produce high quality products with customizable & innovative technology that is optimized at every level.

Stay Innovative in an Ever Shifting Market

With technology changing rapidly, product lifecycles get shorter & shorter – making agility and adaptability key differentiators for high tech & electronics manufacturers. BT Partners offers solutions & dedicated support so clients are better prepared for changes ahead.

Combining industry-specific technology and a partner with key industry experience, you can accelerate innovation & product introductions, improve forecasting, and leverage new tech to increase productivity and collaboration all at once.

Increase Innovation

Let your team focus on innovation while technology provides strong integration & collaboration tools, a robust PLM, configurable quotes, and more.

Simplify Operations

Leverage shop floor automation, robust workforce & project management, and a secure, monitored IT infrastructure tailored for your specific needs.

Supply Chain Visibility

With multi-site, multi-logistics inventory planning and up/downstream visibility, you increase control & understanding of supply chain intricacies.

Deeper Insight

With enhanced reporting and tailored dashboards your team has instant, easy access anywhere to data that can minimize risk while maximizing KPIs.

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“We couldn’t analyze our financial & operational data efficiently – couldn’t see it in context of the entire operation. BT Partners built dashboards that allow us to visualize the inner workings of our company and see how they all relate.”

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SYSPRO – High Tech & Electronics Manufacturing Software

Globalization is a key driver in the high tech & electronics manufacturing industry’s growth. SYSPRO’s integrated and optimizable ERP software not only offers a holistic view of your business, but transforms the way your team works, increasing efficiency and profit. Our experienced SYSPRO consultants can work with your team to tailor the solution to your unique needs.

Infor – High-Tech & Electronics Cloud ERP Solution

Infor CloudSuite Industrial gives high-tech and electronics manufacturing companies the ability to grow while focusing on innovation & sustainability. Compliance & regulatory requirements can be a barrier, but our dedicated consultants are invested in your growth & development, helping you leverage the solution to manage challenges while increasing your bottom line.

Executive Analytics for Business Innovation

Gather, organize, and visualize all of your information with robust data analytics & AI tools tailored to meet the ever-changing industry demands. Our dedicated executive analytics team leverages business intelligence solutions such as Domo, Birst BI or Power BI so you have reliable and insightful data anytime, anywhere.

Managed Services Supports IT Evolution

We provide IT and technical support to ensure your infrastructure & security evolves as your business becomes aligned with new market trends. Harmonizing your business cycle with your technology is vital in attracting and motivating innovative talent, as well as staying competitive. BT Partners wants to see you succeed so offers a full managed services & IT support team.

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“Getting our manufacturing and distribution right requires manufacturing software that can keep up and <BT Partners & our ERP> provide us with the tools & functionality to scale production to meet demand in the most cost-effective ways.”

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