Developer of the standard EDI, Shipping and Freight Calculator Solutions for SYSPRO.

Fully integrated and driving efficiency for hundreds of SYSPRO users worldwide since 1991.


Cadacus Handheld Solution for SYSPRO

Harnesses the power of Windows Mobile and SYSPRO e.Net Solutions to maximize efficiencies throughout your warehouse.

  • Optimize productivity by eliminating redundant processes
  • Achieve up to 100% inventory accuracy
  • Boost order accuracy, fill rates and on-time shipments
  • Eliminate excess inventory
  • Direct UPS/FedEx/DHL labeling and manifesting
  • Designed for easy customization
EDI Solution for SYSPRO

Facilitates the translation of business transactions automatically between trading partners using ANSI and EDIFACT standardized formats.

  • Shortens the order/shipping cycle with rapid electronic processing of documents between trading partners
  • Increased accuracy by eliminating manual data entry
  • Process inbound documents directly into sales orders
  • Generate invoices and advanced ship notices
  • Supports additional business activities
Shipping Solution for SYSPRO

Handles all of your shipment requirements from product validation to customer-specific labeling.

  • Completely integrated with SYSPRO
  • Multiple configurations for handling different shipping scenarios (small package, LTL, etc.)
  • Supplies ASN information to the EDI Solution for SYSPRO
Freight Calculator Solution for SYSPRO

Calculates shipment costs for LTL and domestic small carrier shipments.

  • No additional workstation software required.
  • Integrates with the Shipping Solution for SYSPRO
  • Enables freight cost estimation for providing shipment costs during sales order entry
  • Controls freight charges by enabling multiple customer charge scenarios
Cadacus Advanced Order Management Solution for SYSPRO

Helps to deliver product to the customers who need it most by managing the allocation of stock based on ship dates, fill-rates and customer and order hierarchies.

  • Calculates available fill rates to minimize backorders
  • Automatically prints picking/packing documents
  • For paperless picking, orders flow automatically to the Cadacus Handheld Solution for SYSPRO
Shipment Import Solution

Returns third-party warehouse shipment information into SYSPRO.

  • Provides ASN and shipment information to the EDI Solution for SYSPRO
Cadacus Summarized Invoices Solution for SYSPRO

Summarizes multiple sales orders together to produce a single invoice.

  • Each stock code is summarized into a single line on the final invoice.
  • Integrates with the Shipping Solution for SYSPRO to allow easy summarization based on consolidated shipments.
  • EDI orders with multiple ship-to locations are quickly consolidated to a single invoice.
Cadacus Vendor Purchase Order Solution for SYSPRO

Automatically creates drop-ship purchase orders based on incoming EDI orders.

  • The solution can be integrated with the EDI Solution for SYSPRO to be auto-triggered from the EDI purchase order import.

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