Sage Intacct

Powerful cloud-based financial management system with built-in tools & automated processes to accelerate your success. By combining Sage Intacct & BT Partners, you get the lowest risk and highest ROI.

Financial Management Optimized


Natively built-in, dimensions can be departmental or individual, so you can slice, dice, and analyze your data without a highly segmented chart of accounts.

Direct Integrations

Designed with a fully open API, Sage Intacct allows direct integrations with any solution also with an open API - and our experts will make it seamless.

Budgeting & Planning

With increased control, collaboration & security, Sage Intacct allows you to examine what-ifs & scenarios so you can focus on strategic opportunities.

Enhanced Reporting

Financial statements are standard, but Sage Intacct provides tools & dashboards so you can transform data into better knowledge & easier decision making.

Multi-entity Management

Uniquely built for multi-location & multi-entity, with configurable rules & automated inter-entity transactions, Sage Intacct improves efficiency & insight.


We are fully referenceable, with many clients ready to share stories of our experts partnering from implementation through training, support, & guidance.

Hear from SC Labs Controller, Heather Lee, on the Impact of Sage Intacct

Learn how the implementation went with BT Partners and how the solution has allowed her to quickly set up new entities, warehouses, vendors, & more,

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Selection of Industries

A best-in-class platform, Sage Intacct is impactful across many industries. When combined with BT Partners, you get the lowest risk and highest ROI.

Construction & Real Estate

Designed to handle multiple jobs & with open API, Sage Intacct allows data-driven decisions about jobs, staffing, subcontractors, & more with real-time project reporting & metrics.

Financial Services

With push button consolidations, multidimensional reporting, advanced audit trails, and deep visibility, Sage Intacct minimizes risk for financial services firms while maximizing performance.


BT Partners helps growing franchise operators streamline complex multi-entity tasks, allocate expenses efficiently, maintain a secure & integrated tech stack, and gain deep data insight.


HIPAA- & HITECH-compliant, Sage Intacct provides intercompany & multi-entity accounting with role-based security & advanced audit trails, alongside custom dashboards for easy reporting.


Sage Intacct helps nonprofits maximize efficiency & stewardship with streamlined fund accounting, full compliance with advanced audit trails, and automated processes & workflows.

Professional Services

We optimize visibility into projects & costs across dimensions, accelerate billing & improve time tracking through AI, and help your team get the most out of secure & integrated solutions.

Senior Living Organizations

Sage Intacct offers automated workflows simplifying intercompany & multi-entity accounting, open API integrations with MedTelligent & more, and full HIPAA-compliance.

Software & SaaS

BT Partners works with SaaS companies to provide a financial management nerve center that allows you to operate, innovate, & collaborate faster and more effectively than ever before.

Wholesale Distribution

With automated purchasing & inventory management processes, dashboard analytics, and open API integrations with warehouse & logistics solutions (& more), Sage Intacct helps distributors optimize.


“Their advice is invaluable. With BT Partners’ help optimizing Sage Intacct, we went through a period of huge growth without the need to add accounting personnel. They’ve helped us automate, freeing resources to be more strategic & proactive.”

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Detailed insight into the key areas of how Sage Intacct can impact your business.

This natively integrated add-on to Sage Intacct allows you to quickly analyze your financial data visually, across multiple dimensions and in 25+ different visualization styles. Our skilled team will tailor the solution to your needs, so you can get a deeper understanding of your financials instantly – and continue to tailor it yourselves.

By drilling into any of the interactive visuals, your team can spot trends, notice potential issues, identify outliers, and run what-if scenarios for improved decision making.

We teach clients how to leverage the core capabilities into true solutions. We realize your team is experts at what they do, so our team will help them learn Sage Intacct and any integrated solutions, so they can use the solutions to their full potential. This way the value of your solution only grows along with your company.

Sage also provides access to a large Sage University, for continued learning and ongoing training of new modules & capabilities as the solution expands.

Sage Intacct Contract Revenue Management provides the first automated solution to the regulatory complexities of ASC 606 and IFRS 15. With these fully compliant solutions providing broad flexibility and automation functionality, our team can help you configure expense amortization, automate revenue & expense allocation with dual treatments, and create complex reports. All of this helps your team to eliminate uncertainty while increasing insight & productivity.

Sage Intacct offers easy-to-use workflows in the accounts payable, order entry, purchasing, and inventory modules of the core financials. We work with your team to create efficient automated workflows specific for your company’s internal control & approval processes. These not only provide your team with complete visibility into the entire process, but eliminate time consuming and potentially error-prone manual processes.

There are a lot of ERP solutions talking about cloud these days, but Sage Intacct is one of the rare true cloud, or native cloud, SaaS solutions. While other solutions may be hosted on the cloud, they often fail to have the innovation, API integrations, high configurability, self-service expansion, multi-tenant delivery, and flexible costs that true cloud solutions like Sage Intacct offer. Each of these factors is important in its own way and can impact your ERP experience, costs, and ultimately your ability to grow & adapt.

We often mention the dangers of ‘spreadware’ in our blogs and this is where that can become a liability. By managing allocations across entities in Sage Intacct, instead of spreadsheets, your team can increase consistency & accuracy.

The solution allows you to easily schedule & automate recurring allocations, which has saved clients up to 3 days/month. Our team can also build in corrections with a defined strategy to catch & account for change, saving you from making corrective post-period adjustments.

Sage Intacct offers strong functionality but BT Partners adds the value by working with you to create dashboards that matter to your team. Standard dashboards are available and we can provide best practice suggestions & recommendations, but we want to help you create unique dashboards for your people. We help you leverage Sage Intacct to get the information that matters to your business, which isn’t always the standard set up. We also teach your team how to tweak these over time, as needs change.

Sage Intacct’s easy to use Budget & Planning solution is fully integrated and improves collaboration with the entire team working on the most current budget version – building, editing, or presenting budget options.

Your team can create multiple what-if scenarios and rolling forecasts within a budget for easy model calculations and improved strategic planning. Increased user-level security also limits who can access what information, such as payroll data or sensitive budget information.

A lot of companies have extensive amounts of data, but the insight they could learn from it is trapped in their systems. Our executive analytics team works with you to make that data useful, informative, and easily accessible.

We use top business intelligence & data analytics tools including Domo, Infor Birst OEM, and Power BI to help clients organize & analyze their data, then present it with modern visualizations & real-time dashboards for easy reporting & decision making.

Technology is a key part of your business and our Managed Services consultants are deeply invested, offering the practical expertise & seamless IT support your business needs to be successful.

Services include system monitoring & security, back-up & disaster recovery, server & desktop support, and full System Assessments to review your security, infrastructure & processes. Whether you need a completely new network or simply an improvement, our managed services team can help.

Recognized by Experts: AICPA, Peer Reviewed G2Crowd, Industry Analysts.

All that being said, these awards are great but we put the most value on what our customers say. We are happy to connect you to any of our customers so you can do your own due diligence. Most software companies will give you a few pre-arranged references, but we can offer you a large list of clients to choose from so you’re not talking to someone who’s been coached ahead of time.

All these features are great, but they’re not actually why a company chooses Sage Intacct, at least not with BT Partners. Companies choose the solution because of the strong combo of partner expertise and product functionality. We know you have many options for your ERP implementation & support.

Clients choose BT Partners because our consultants are deeply invested, offering the practical expertise & seamless support for your business needs. Our delivery team is also fully involved in the sales process, so there are no hand-offs and everyone is accountable.

We have close relationships with a smorgasbord of Best-in-Class providers for any integration or complementary solution you could be looking for to help you build the perfect solution. By focusing on building the ideal tech stack, we can guide you to the appropriate third party solutions for your needs.

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Extending Sage Intacct

Additional solutions that can enhance your solution with unique capabilities or functionality. We would be happy to discuss if any are appropriate for your needs.

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