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These days, security is as important as technology itself. We leverage Datto’s industry-leading smart solutions to monitor & protect your critical data, keeping your business running smoothly.


Partner Optimized Technology

Local, Off-site & Cloud Backup

Backups provide the peace of mind of quick recovery. Datto & BT Partners provide easy access to do individual file recovery or a full system recovery.

SaaS Protection

Datto offers the ability to securely back up Microsoft 365 so the critical programs your team uses for business, email and documents are all protected.

Ransomware Protection

Datto software will detect ransomware activity and take action so your backup is not affected, and our team will notify you immediately.

Immutable Backup

Datto Cloud is immutable, so that if you do get hit by ransomware, your backup cannot be changed or edited in any way and is protected.

Immediately Accessible Backup

Datto offers the ability to run a backup from the local appliance, so while your server is being repaired you continue to run your business seamlessly.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

In the event of a critical failure, we can connect you to your cloud backups to continue to run your business completely from the cloud.

Datto Solutions

Datto provides top solutions to backup, restore, and protect your technology, your data, and ultimately your business with industry-leading security.

Siris Data Protection

An all-in-one BCDR solution providing ransomware protection, mandatory 2FA, screenshot verification of backups, and more in a complete solution stack.

O365 SaaS Protection

Our team ensures all of the programs & files your team uses for business and email are fully protected with a comprehensive backup & recovery of Microsoft 365.

Cloud Continuity for PCs

Cloud backup solution that protects & rapidly recovers data from Windows-based computers in the case of data loss no matter the reason, minimizing downtime.

Jelmar, LLC

BT Partners oversees every aspect of Jelmar’s tech infrastructure, including backups and equipment lifecycle planning. “Much of what they do is in the background, invisible to us, but it keeps us running smoothly,” says Joe Husnick.

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Detailed insight into the solution capabilities and how Datto solutions can impact your business.

All Datto backups provided by our Managed Services team are retained at a secure hardened, US-based data center. In the case of an issue, all server instances can be turned on to run your complete business environment from that data center, minimizing downtime and getting back to business as usual for your staff, partners, and clients. For more mobile or international teams, site-to-site VPNs can be set up, so your team can have data & system access from any location you have to the data center environment.

Our managed services team can optimize your Datto solutions so backups are taken multiple times an hour, making sure you have the most up to the minute version of all files & systems.
All backups also provide screenshot verification, which makes sure that the backup is accessible – so you’re not stuck with a corrupted backup when you need it most.

If considering Siris BCDR solution, the Datto hardware is a server grade appliance, not simply a hard drive, to provide the top level of security & functionality.

Local backups provide the security of quick recovery and Datto & BT Partners can provide that easy access for file & system recovery. Our dedicated consultants will help your team with infrastructure and hardware set up to make sure best practices are followed, so you have top data security compliance close to home.

Secured off-site backups are kept safe in a private cloud with the ability to do individual file recovery or a full system recovery. As always, Datto’s industry leading solutions have mandatory two factor authentication, image-based back up verification, and fast recovery for your critical data.

This popular Datto solution doesn’t just backup email, but also backs up SharePoint online and One drive for Business and Teams data. The solution takes backups multiple times a day and provides file & email level restore so you don’t need to do a full system restore to get that presentation.

Technology is a key part of your business and our Managed Services consultants are deeply invested, offering the practical expertise & seamless IT support your business needs to be successful.

Services include system monitoring & security, back-up & disaster recovery, server & desktop support, and full System Assessments to review your security, infrastructure & processes. Whether you need a completely new network or simply an improvement, our managed services team can help.

As a complete technology partner, BT Partners offers a highly skilled managed services team as well as multiple teams specializing in the business management solutions Infor CSI, Sage Intacct, and SYSPRO ERP. With decades of experience across a variety of industries, our dedicated ERP consultants will help you choose the most appropriate solution for your needs or support your current solution. One team, dedicated to improving your processes and achieving your goals – that’s BT Partners.

A lot of companies have extensive amounts of data, but the insight they could learn from it is trapped in their systems. Our executive analytics team works with you to make that data useful, informative, and easily accessible.

We use top business intelligence & data analytics tools including Domo, Infor Birst OEM, and Power BI to help clients organize & analyze their data, then present it with modern visualizations & real-time dashboards for easy reporting & decision making.

All these features are great, but they’re not why a company chooses Datto BCDR solutions, at least not with BT Partners. Companies choose to work with our Managed IT Services team because of the strong combination of partner expertise and product functionality. We know you have many options for your IT support. Clients choose BT Partners because our consultants are deeply invested, offering the practical expertise & seamless support for your business needs.

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