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February 20, 2024

The Technology Questions Field Services Companies Are Asking

The Technology Questions Field Services Companies Are Asking

We’ve been hearing similar questions and concerns when we speak with different clients and prospects in the field services industry, with most people wondering how technology can help, from field service management software to other modern solutions. Companies in this space face numerous challenges, including workforce management, cost control, cash flow, and rising customer expectations — to name a few. We thought it could be helpful to host an FAQ session, where we explore common challenges in the field services industry and discuss how strategic partnerships and modern cloud technologies can provide effective solutions.

What strategies can improve our workforce management and scheduling?

Efficient workforce management hinges on clear visibility into your field operations. There are several well-regarded field service management software designed to help you effectively manage your vital field resources. For example, we’ve helped clients integrate their operations with ServiceTitan, ServiceTrade, KloudGin, and Sage Field Operations (for Sage Intacct Construction).

Of course, choosing the right application helps and then, an application alone isn’t the answer. You’ll want to work with a partner with expertise in your industry — like BT Partners — to help you select, implement and operate the system that offers the best functionality fit with your unique business needs, including real-time scheduling and resource optimization.

Technology adaptation is overwhelming. How do we keep up without falling behind?

Technology is changing so rapidly that it’s hard to know where and when to invest your tech funds. We don’t believe in buying technology simply to have the newest, flashiest things. That being said, there are some outstanding new technology tools available for field service companies.

Every technology investment you make needs to generate a return on investment — contributing to your bottom line by driving efficiencies, minimizing errors, and lowering overhead costs. We can help you evaluate and integrate the most effective and compatible tech solutions, ensuring your tech stack aligns with your business goals and is scalable for future growth.

We have a lot of data but not many actionable insights. What should we do?

Transforming data into insights requires the right tools and expertise. One significant challenge is that you may be storing data in multiple disconnected applications (the proverbial data silos). Getting visibility across those applications is a common struggle among the field services businesses we speak to.

The good news is that integrating disparate applications is much easier than it used to be. Modern cloud software publishers commonly offer pre-built integrations to third-party applications. For example, on the Sage Intacct Marketplace, you’ll find pre-built integrations between Sage Intacct and ServiceTitan, KloudGin, and more. If a pre-configured options doesn’t exist, we can design integrations using the applications’ APIs. That’s exactly what our executive analytics team has done with our unique ServiceTitan – Domo Connector, to give field service companies better business insight and connect all of their silos.

The answer is to look for solutions that offer robust analytics capabilities and consider partnering with experts who can tailor these tools to meet your specific business needs, converting data into information to support strategic decisions.

My field service management software is great at what it does — but I need better accounting and financial controls. What are my options?

Your best option is to adopt what is often called a best-of-breed approach. Secure the best software applications for each business function and then integrate them to create the ideal solution. The field services companies we work with have seen great success with this approach. Sage Intacct is typically the best-of-breed financial management application they select, integrated with one of the service management applications mentioned above, along with one of our Executive Analytics offerings.

We’ll work with you to provide oversight and help optimize your accounting and operational workflows, enhancing billing accuracy and overall financial health.

How can we strengthen our customer relationships?

We understand that building strong customer relationships goes beyond the initial service. You’re already doing many of the right things to keep your customers happy, but here again, there are technology tools that will help you strengthen your customer relationships.

Many field services companies we work with implement CRM tools to track and manage communication and follow-ups. Sage Intacct offers direct integration with Salesforce and HubSpot — both solid choices. A lot of field service management software offer some limited CRM-style functionality too. We’ve also helped customers elevate their customer service levels using data analytics tools capable of looking at customer and service data in more profound, more strategic ways.

We need to control costs without affecting service quality. Any advice?

Cost control is about finding efficiencies without compromising service. Look for systems that provide a detailed, real-time view of your expenses in the context of your field service activities. For example, if you have insight into the number of repeat visits and what those visits cost you, you might be able to identify a cause.

One of our clients, Stan’s Heating, Air, Plumbing and Electrical, did precisely this and in doing so, reduced the number of repeat trips its technicians made. We were able to zero in on the reasons for the return trips and identify the technicians who have more or fewer repeat trips. Stan’s used these insights to make changes that resulted in a 10% reduction in these unbillable, unprofitable trips.

As our business grows, what should we consider to allow us to scale seamlessly?

First, kudos to you for the growth mindset — successful companies always look for ways to keep their operations growing up, out, or both. Scalability is critical for growing businesses, so choosing flexible and scalable business applications is vital. You don’t want to hit the limits of your applications right as business takes off.

We can help you make smart, strategic choices in technology to ensure that every aspect of your operation can scale and adapt to expansions (and contractions), mergers, and acquisitions — whatever the future may hold. We helped our client, Siteline Interior Carpentry, do this, implementing and connecting the technology that allowed them to scale profitably across three states.

Get the Facts

Every field service business faces unique challenges, but with the right strategies, scalable technologies, and partnerships, you can transform these challenges into opportunities for growth and efficiency. Finding a partner that understands your specific needs and goals is crucial in navigating this dynamic industry. We’re here to help. Contact us to start the discussion.

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