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August 15, 2022

ServiceTitan Connector


In 2021, ServiceTitan had more than 7,500 customers and employed more than 100,000 technicians that conducted nearly $20 billion worth of transactions. That’s a lot of data. While ServiceTitan does have analytics built in, we had more than a few clients using multiple instances of ServiceTitan and struggling to see a full picture of their business & finances. Our business analytics experts decided they could help all businesses manage their ServiceTitan data in a better way, rather than just these specific clients – and so they did.

What Is ServiceTitan?

To start at the beginning, ServiceTitan is an all-in-one cloud-based field management platform designed to manage every aspect of a contractor’s business. With their 24/7 anywhere, anytime software-as-a-service, ServiceTitan is the platform that manages and organizes business services ranging from plumbing, air conditioning, electrical work, chimney, pest services, and lawn care.  

ServiceTitan is the foundation for providing a high level of service for every field service contractor. It offers a dynamic and impeccable gold-standard solution to help home and commercial services manage essential business functions like inventory, billing, sales, dispatching, and boots-on-the-ground activities. They, however, fall notably short in one area that impacts many businesses…multi-entity data visualizations.

Dream Team Makes the Dream Work

Often, service-based businesses have separate databases for each of their multiple locations. This results in disconnected systems and resources spent gathering, cleaning, and displaying the data accurately and clearly. Our experts created a ServiceTitan connector that flawlessly does this for you. It sends information from ServiceTitan straight into DOMO and organizes it in a visually appealing way where you can easily understand in real-time what the numbers actually mean.

The BT Partners’ team worked collaboratively with ServiceTitan to design and build the connecter that effortlessly links to the DOMO platform allowing ServiceTitan clients to display their data visually using DOMO’s complete integrated platform. Statistics show that roughly 65% of people retain visual information with the highest efficiency. Our connector helps people with that by providing an automatic uninterrupted path to move ServiceTitan’s data information into DOMO’s reporting tool. This includes all valuable data insights related to technicians, inventory, scheduling, billing, etc.

Bring to Life Your Data Outside ServiceTitan

Let us be clear though, ServiceTitan has built-in reporting capabilities! Where clients run into trouble is when multiple locations are a factor. In this common scenario, each location generally has its own instance, with reporting available for each individual location, but when the CEO wants to see the company’s overall reporting, that’s where the trouble begins.

By pulling everything into DOMO, you can easily get a 360-degree view of all your data combined, every KPI in every location, and the true financial health of your entire organization. You can see the difference this would have compared to only getting location-specific reporting. You don’t get the big picture that way. The only place where all the data from all the instances and locations would be in an outside system, like DOMO.

With data visualization expected to grow to a market size of $15.35 billion by 2026, clearly businesses are finding it useful and only wanting more insight in the future. If you would like more information on how DOMO can provide your company with insightful data analysis and visualization, reach out to our executive analytics experts. We can walk you through how the ServiceTitan connector maximizes your data and enables you to harness a new proactive wave of data-driven decisions that lead to greater profitability. Which is what we all want at the end of the day.

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