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January 03, 2024

How Best-In-Class HVAC & Field Service Software Heats Up Profitability

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Professionals in the HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and other home and commercial field service industries understand how challenging it can be to gain cohesive insight into the operational performance and financial health of the business. Sure, there are many excellent field service software applications available — and of course, there are many accounting software options too. The challenge is bringing together data from these (and other) disparate applications to provide meaningful business insights.

Over the years, we’ve helped a lot of field services companies break down the barriers that limit their access to valuable information using a best-in-class approach that maximizes the strengths of everyone and every application involved.

The Bottom Line Is Top of Mind

The bottom line for HVAC and field services companies is always top of mind. For that reason, we routinely recommend Sage Intacct to our clients in the field services industry. Why? Sage Intacct offers a robust financial foundation, and it can be integrated with all leading field service software solutions to deliver near real-time access to the financial and operational performance metrics your business needs.

For example, we’ve helped our clients integrate with ServiceTitan, ServiceTrade, KloudGin, and Sage Field Operations (for Sage Intacct Construction). While some applications cater to the HVAC sector, for example, others support plumbing, electrical or mechanical services, while others focus on construction companies that may have a service arm.

We’ll help you evaluate and select the best solution for your business needs and work with you and other vendors to ensure you can maximize the benefits of each application.

The Numbers That Drive Your Business

There are a myriad of factors that impact the profitability of your business. From part prices to unpredictable labor costs to warranty repairs and reworks, technician productivity, and win rates — it’s exceedingly difficult for most field services companies to accurately calculate the profitability of their operations. Sure, applications like ServiceTitan help capture some of that data, but other nuggets may be held in your accounting or CRM applications. Bringing that data together in meaningful ways is a common challenge.

Our team helps field service companies gain a complete picture of the financial health of their operations by bringing together disparate data and turning that data into strategic insights. Often, this is as simple as leveraging statistical (non-financial) accounts in Sage Intacct. These accounts can hold information such as headcount, return trips, or customer count, making them available for inclusion in your financial reports. For organizations with more advanced reporting requirements, we often recommend an executive analytics application, such as Domo, designed to pull business data together in meaningful ways.

One client of ours, Stan’s HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical, reduced the number of repeat trips its technicians made. By bringing disparate data together through the Sage Intacct, Domo, and ServiceTitan API, we were able to zero in on the reasons for the return trips and identify the technicians who have more or fewer repeat trips. Stan’s used these insights to make changes that resulted in a 10% reduction in these unbillable, unprofitable trips. “Every BT Partners associate we’ve worked with has outstanding technical skills, and they’re also good at listening to the customer, uncovering what’s important, and translating that into actionable information.”, stated Tim Bint, CFO of Stan’s in a recent case study.

Dispatch Efficiency with a Strategic Partner

With BT Partners, you gain a partner who understands not only Sage Intacct inside and out but also the intricacies of your industry and the leading field service software applications. We’re here to ensure that your financial platform isn’t just solid — it’s tailored to your business’s unique needs and workflows. We work to ensure the promise of each application is fully realized for your business. Together, we’ll make your financials as reliable as the services you provide.

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