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August 23, 2022

Why Work with a Partner for Cloud Management, Instead of Doing It Solo

Why You Should Choose Cloud Management Services - BT Partners

Unless you are incredibly handy or maybe a bit reckless, you won’t renovate a home without bringing in experts who specialize in carpentry, electrical, plumbing, etc. Implementing cloud technology innovations shouldn’t be any different. Hiring a compatible and knowledgeable partner can make all the difference and by far outweighs the risks and disadvantages of going at it alone.

Expertise & Experience

The top benefit of working with an effective partner is pretty self-explanatory: they bring their years of skills and experience to the table. You likely haven’t led a lot of digital transformations in the workplace. A reputable partner has led many and can bring their expertise on cloud management services, with tips on lessons learned, and apply them to your project. They know what’s worked well, what the potential roadblocks and risks are, and what steps to take to avoid costly mistakes.

The main role of a partner is to consult and lead you through the pre-and post-project processes while integrating the fundamental change management activities that come with it. They know the right questions to ask so you align the right technology with your overall objectives and goals. An experienced partner has seen it all, and is adept and strategic in the solutions they support.

Customization & Optimization

Technology is at the core of every business and fundamentally changes how an enterprise operates. It’s estimated there will be 38.6 billion Internet of Things-connected devices around the world in 2025, and by 2030, the number is expected to reach 50 billion. Think of modern technology as the foundation of our world. We need a powerful and strong foundation that is set up precisely for our needs to drive growth and development.

Partners specializing in cloud management services will skillfully collect your business requirements, make recommendations, and then help economically and efficiently tailor the solution to your needs. If you’re trying to save some money by doing it yourself and picking a cheap solution, or if you don’t size your environment correctly, you run the risk of implementing something that’s too slow and now only doesn’t provide you with the value you’re looking for but could limit your business too. A partner knows how to solve complex problems and transform them into an easy-to-maintain optimized business solution that leverages their past successes and maximizes your ROI.

Pricing & Maintenance

The pricing for Microsoft’s powerful cloud computing solution Azure can be complicated for those who aren’t familiar. It’s very possible you could price out the wrong system for your environment and create one that doesn’t meet your needs. A good partner should explain the all-in-one pricing structure and why it might be better for budgeting. They should lay out all your options for cloud management services, like the pay-as-you-go pricing structure or, if you’re looking to temporarily shut down your servers to save money because they’re not used for long periods of time, the pay-per-hour pricing structure. Articulating all the pricing options clearly and honestly leaves no room for surprises.

Just like regular tune-ups extend the life of your car, ongoing support and maintenance protect your IT investment. A partner does just that. When we look at the two statistics of 80% of organizations do not back up their data and 31% of companies lose their entire data infrastructure because of uncontrollable events, it’s clear that backing up your data is a crucial and essential function. If you don’t get the proper sizing for your backups, that could cause problems. An effective partner is also knowledgeable in this area and can make sure your data is protected as soon as your new system is set up and on an ongoing basis as your business evolves since they’re now your partner, not just a salesperson.

Your business can drive transformation by moving to the cloud, but you’ll reach your goals quicker by hiring a certified and competent partner. Working with an innovative partner, like our cloud management services team, provides you with the technical advice and support that moves your business forward confidently.

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