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September 06, 2022

Avalara – Take the Pain Out of Paying Your Taxes

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Death, taxes, and childbirth! There’s never any convenient time for any of them.” – Margaret Mitchell.

We’re talking about taxes today. I know, I know, but you’ll want to stick around for this one because it’s important. Imagine you just launched a new company, rolled out a slick new “Enterprise Resource Management” (ERP) system, and are ready to get down to business. Like most of us, you’re juggling a lot of balls and learning as you go. There is, however, one important thing you need to be aware of before it’s too late, and that’s sales tax compliance. Now imagine you’re a well-established company with multiple products that you’re selling to multiple states, with supplies coming from other states, and maybe an international order or office location in the mix just for fun. Sales tax compliance becomes a whole different ball game.

Leverage Tax Technology

Taxes aren’t easy, especially if you’re running a multi-national enterprise. The complexity depends on the size of your organization, the industry you’re in, where you do business, and the constantly evolving tax laws that make it almost impossible to keep up. As more and more people do business online, you can count on tax rules changing more frequently.

So, why not take advantage of modern technology to drive your tax requirements and improve business outcomes? Over 30,000 people do so by using the sales tax compliance software Avalara, a cloud-based solution that automates tax calculations and filing. With the SYSPRO ERP solution, you can seamlessly join Avalara’s tax filing solution using an easy-to-use pre-built integration link.  You can be a small, medium, or large company, working in the retail, manufacturing, or distribution industry, Avalara is simple to set up and navigate on your own, without relying on IT support.  

The Future of Tax

Avalara is a scalable, user-friendly, centralized tax compliance software solution that connects with multiple eCommerce platforms and ERPs. It can work with multi-cloud end-to-end ERP software, like Infor CloudSuite Industrial, by automating in real-time your compliance with multinational and domestic tax calculations for VAT, GST, excise, sales, and corporate taxes, anywhere you’re located.

Avalara also provides answers to all your tax questions so you can make better, more informed decisions. Taxes aren’t fun, and Avalara doesn’t make it fun (we’re not going to lie), but it does sweeten the process by moving you away from the tyranny of manual error-prone spreadsheets, and closer to accuracy and enhanced compliance.

Simplify Tax Exemption Certificates

With Avalara, you don’t need to manually track tax certificates. Another of Avalara’s sweet spots is its ability to effectively manage the influx of exemption certificate paperwork. There’s no more chasing after, or forgetting to chase after, your customers for their updated tax exemption certificate. Avalara contains email campaign functionality that requests compliance documents before they expire.

Avalara knows in advance when an exemption certificate is about to expire and notifies the customer when it’s time to submit an updated one. This innovative functionality is called CertCapture, soon be replaced by Exemption Certificate Management (ECM). You can securely collect, store, and manage hundreds of exemption certificates in a much more streamlined and easier approach than you’d ever be able to do with manual systems. This also reduces your audit risk with Uncle Sam. Avalara is one way to keep everyone at the tax table happy.

Even More Integration

As stated earlier, Avalara can be easily connected and synchronized with any size and type of ERP. That’s the beauty of it. Over 500+ Sage Intacct customers have first-hand experience with how Avalara’s customized Sage Intacct platform can simplify and speed up their sales tax process. Through the power of automation, Avalara has a tax calculation product built specifically for Sage Intacct customers so they can calculate rates directly from within the ERP system. This means that Avalara is already built into Sage Intacct so with only a few configurations, it’s ready to reduce your tax compliance stress. Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it?

There’s little doubt about the impact of investing in strong sales tax compliance software. If you have any questions or are wondering what Avalara can do for you, reach out to our Business Management team. We’ll show you exactly how Avalara can keep your team focused on revenue-generating tasks and your bottom line growing.

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