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July 31, 2019

Sales Tax Issues For Small Businesses and How Cloud Software Can Help

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Running a small business can feel more like running an obstacle course. There are hurdles to jump and obstacles to find ways around. One of those hurdles involves sales tax – particularly in the wake of the Wayfair ruling.

One of the most significant pain points for many small and emerging businesses is sales tax compliance. With the growth of internet marketing and sales, sales tax has become more complicated for small companies that trade on the internet.  Sales tax compliance can add layers of complexity that many small businesses cannot afford dedicated accounting staff to help keep up with. Avalara is a cloud-based sales tax solution that, in combination with your accounting or ERP system, automates your sales tax calculations and filing. It will reduce manual work and save you time and money. The software is also automatically updated to keep current with changes in the tax laws.

Using a solution specifically designed to manage your sales tax calculations and filings also greatly reduces your risk during a sales tax audit. The costs of defending against a single sales tax audit alone can provide an immediate return on investment for your sales tax solution.

Adding a service like Avalara and linking it to your accounting system can help you now and in the future by solving one of your most complex business problems – keeping up with sales tax regulations. When combined with a strong accounting system, you have a consolidated approach that leverages the best of both worlds- a sales tax solution that handles the complexity of current sales tax requirements and an accounting system that streamlines your invoicing and collections process, freeing you up to spend more time on your business, and less on sales tax compliance.

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