January 19, 2023

So, You Want Domo… Now What?

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If you’re reading this, you probably have just reached the decision phase of the software buyer’s journey. You’ve decided that Domo’s comprehensive all-in-one solution matches your requirements and will help to skyrocket your business. First off, congratulations! It can be a grueling process getting yourself here, but now that the decision is made, you have a few more options to make sure you get the most out of your solution. Let’s discuss your options from this point forward.

Why We Love a Good Partnership

If it’s not obvious by now, we’re huge supporters of hiring a technology partner when spearheading workplace digital transformations. That includes an executive analytics partner, one like Tuscan Gardens hired when they did a business intelligence implementation in their senior living company. Implementing new technology is a tough job, with most businesses (95%) citing cultural, organizational, and process challenges as the biggest roadblocks to adoption.

It makes sense then that technology adoption can be made easier with the support of a product expert who astutely knows the ways to leverage the technology for your business AND your people. There are lots of reasons why we recommend hiring a knowledgeable partner, but our main reason is that they help develop a strategy that leads teams through successful business intelligence implementations, and beyond. It’s not just about the implementation today. That’s why hiring an executive analytics partner should be your next step in the software buyer’s journey.

A good executive analytics partner doesn’t just create your dashboards and call it a day. A good partner listens and cares about their client’s businesses while empowering them to achieve their goals through data-led approaches. This is the key difference between an executive analytics partner you want vs someone focused on selling business intelligence implementations. Having a partner alongside you through the Domo implementation helps shorten the learning curve so companies can start using the solution to its full potential immediately and capitalize quickly on their investment.

Share Critical Knowledge

The average large US business loses $47 million in productivity each year due to inefficient knowledge sharing. A partner can help minimize these lost costs. Knowledge transfer is another big reason for hiring an executive analytics partner. Sharing or disseminating information from the partner to the data specialist who will be the main person managing these tasks on an ongoing basis. A good partner provides advice and tips on workflow and business process optimization tactics that increase productivity and reduce costs.

If you don’t have a MajorDomo or data specialist on the floor already, an executive analytics partner can be an expansion of your team and take on this role as the dedicated Domo expert to help fill the resource gap. We do this regularly for clients as not everyone has a data specialist, or if they do, they may not be able to spare them for a business intelligence implementation. If you would rather have these positions as part of your in-house crew, a partner can also train one of your staff to become a MajorDomo/data specialist. We have helped clients fill this role and then continued to work closely with them while they become experienced, comfortable, and knowledgeable about working with Domo.

Partner + Product = Success

Continuity is key to a partnership because it builds resiliency and a strong connection. BT Partners has continuity for team members and that helps us become very invested in our client’s business. Some companies, Domo included, often get a new account executive every six months as their focus is on how to expand and extend the contract value. This is an important question to ask when choosing a partner.

What sets us apart from other partners that are out there is our focus is on how we can help our client leverage the technology for THEIR business benefit, not Domo’s or our own. We put our client’s needs at the forefront of every decision. If we can speak frankly for a moment, buying Domo directly from BT Partners ensures you have continuity, hyper-focused expertise, stability, and an expert advisor or council of your data analytics software product. Whether you choose to work with us or not, we recommend you look for a partner who can offer all of those things.

Transactional Partnership vs Strategic Partnership

If you’re not quite convinced that hiring an executive analytics partner for the whole shebang is right for you, you do have the option of bringing a partner in simply as the data specialist. This is contracted labor to implement the solution for someone who has just bought Domo. This can be the perfect option for companies looking for a less hands-on partner. That said, while we always provide the best expertise, clients who choose this route generally don’t get the highest value from our team that we can offer.

When companies approach us from an expert angle for a true technology partnership, not just outsourced consulting on a transactional basis, as in just implementing Domo and that’s it, they get much larger, long-term results because the tone of the relationship leans more strategically. We’re not discouraging transactional basis consultation. There’s a right time for these partnerships, either because of your budget or overall goals. Rather, we’re trying to say that BT Partners can provide additional value with a long-term partnership that isn’t always captured with contracted labor or a transactional partnership.

Ultimately whatever you decide when implementing Domo into your business, BT Partners has your back. We will support and guide you to ensure you get deep insight into your financial operations. Making the decision to purchase Domo software is just one part of the vast software purchasing process. Your next steps are what truly can make or break attaining that high ROI you’re hoping for. If you’re looking to invest in a true executive analytics partnership that sets a clear foundation for your road to success, contact us today at BT Partners.   

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