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February 03, 2022

Five Questions to Ask When Hiring a Sage Intacct Partner

Questions to Ask a Potential ERP Partner - BP Partners

You’re considering Sage Intacct as your next ERP solution. Compliments on your sage thinking. As your next step, you should be looking for the right business partner to help you get Sage Intacct up and running. What questions should you ask a perspective Sage Intacct partner? Below are five smart questions to help you make the right choice.

1. Doesn’t the publisher implement a cloud ERP solution like Sage Intacct?

Some Cloud ERP publishers offer basic implementation services. They will provide standard configuration and training services and send you on your way. If that’s all you need, you likely don’t need a world-class ERP solution. A software publisher simply cannot be expected to understand your business the way a business partner can. It’s not part of their business model. They don’t have time to speak with your users, to review the reports you need or to consider where you want to be a year from now. 

2. Can’t I implement it myself?

Since it doesn’t require extensive IT infrastructure and resources to take it live, maybe you’re thinking you can implement Sage Intacct on your own. It theoretically should be easy to incorporate into your business processes, right? Cloud ERP solutions like Sage Intacct are designed to be intuitive and user-friendly but make no mistake – Sage Intacct is a robust, comprehensive and powerful business management solution with extensive capabilities. You cannot forego a proper implementation process without also foregoing maximum value and ROI.

You’d be wise to partner with a professional services firm experienced in cloud implementations (like BT Partners perhaps) to ensure you get the results you expect from the initial deployment – and beyond. Keep this in mind: The software publisher knows the product. You know your business. It’s a business partner’s job to know both.

3. Do you want to work with them a year from now when you need support?  

This is extremely important. When selecting your business partner, you need to focus on making sure they are a good fit personality-wise with your team. You need to decide if they’re the type of people you want to spend hours working with, not only for the initial deployment, but also for the pre and post system implementation. It’s important to know that support shouldn’t just end once a system implementation is complete.  It’s a partnership!

To be a good partner, they must be willing to learn your business’s ins and outs prior to deployment. To remain a good partner, after go-live they should continue providing ongoing, practical, and seamless expert guidance for your business. This may or may not include IT services, like what we offer with our Managed IT Services team, but should always include ongoing Sage Intacct expertise. What happens when your business shifts a bit and you’re not sure if there’s other Sage Intacct functionality that could help? Or if there’s an add-on Marketplace solution that might solve a new challenge? Or you have a new team member that needs trained? Or you want a health check done on the system to ensure everything is running in top shape?

You’ll want a partner’s help with all of this. That’s why, when choosing a partner, we recommend evaluating the partner’s Help Desk and ongoing support options. Take the time to research what your partner offers in terms of post implementation support to ensure you remain successful and get the best possible ROI.

4. Do you have experience implementing Sage Intacct for companies in my industry?

While a debit may be a debit both for manufacturers and cannabis growers, companies in these industries have vastly different accounting and financial reporting needs. Even though your company certainly has some unique requirements – a business partner with experience and expertise in your industry is still invaluable. Some partners rest on their knowledge of the product. You should seek a partner that not only knows Sage Intacct, but also a partner that understands accounting principles and regulatory requirements of your particular industry.

5. We had a Sage Intacct partner and didn’t find value in their services. What’s different about the way you work?

We love to answer this question – because there’s a lot that’s different about the way BT Partners works. A significant difference is that we do not measure our organization’s success by how much software we sell, but rather by how many satisfied customers and successful outcomes we help create. We pride ourselves on helping our clients thrive by putting relationships over transactions. Many of our customers have been with us for decades, and we’ve supported and helped them grow & transition from on premise solutions to true cloud solutions as the business and market changes. We’ve learned that when we take care of our clients, and our staff, success naturally comes. 

BT Partners would welcome the opportunity to chat with you to see if we’re the right Sage Intacct partner for you. Let’s connect and see where it goes.

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