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April 25, 2023

Netsuite ERP vs Sage Intacct: Healthy Competition or Misleading Info?

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“He who throws dirt always loses ground.” ~Unknown

Many of us were raised hearing the “If you can’t say something nice…..” adage. (Did you know Thumper coined the phrase in the 1942 Walt Disney movie Bambi?) It’s solid advice we try to follow at BT Partners. When we promote our firm and the business management solutions we represent, we focus on our differentiators—what makes our firm and our solution stand out. Criticizing the competition just isn’t our style, and furthermore, we don’t believe that negative selling is an effective strategy.

Recently, though, we’ve noticed that one competitor, in particular, has shifted their marketing and sales tactics to be misleading, disparaging, and sometimes blatantly inaccurate. While we understand different companies have different selling styles, when it becomes inaccurate or misleading, we feel it’s important to address the incorrect information. The current company is Oracle NetSuite, and they’ve amped up negative marketing directed squarely at Sage Intacct.

NetSuite’s negative selling approach seems intended to create fear, uncertainty, and doubt on the buyer’s part, often by providing inaccurate or misleading information about Sage Intacct. Lately, they are focusing more energy on talking about what Sage Intacct can’t do rather than talking about what NetSuite ERP can do.

Focus on the “can” not the “cannot”

Sure, we’ve got war stories about competitors too, but we don’t think you’re actually interested in those. We don’t think you want to hear about what someone or something else cannot do—only what your organization can do with these new solutions.

We’ve said it before. NetSuite ERP and Sage Intacct ERP are both powerful, cloud-based financial management solutions offering fairly similar functionality. Either would be an excellent choice for most organizations. Our premise has always been that the partner is the differentiating factor, not the software. With the right partner by your side, you can confidently evaluate, select, implement, and succeed—with either Sage Intacct ERP or NetSuite ERP.

Long-term value is the value proposition

We humbly recommend that you ignore vendors who lead with scare tactics, implying you’ll miss out by not choosing their application. If a vendor is more interested in giving you things to worry about rather than earning your trust, we might suggest you keep looking. Look for a vendor that is focused on finding the right application that addresses your requirements today and into tomorrow.  Let’s focus on the impact you’ll see and the improvements you’ll get.

At BT Partners, we lead with our experience (300+ implementations), our repeat customers (97%), and the average length of our customer relationships (10+ years). We didn’t get here by disparaging the competition or throwing dirt. We got here by putting our customers’ needs first, solving problems, and helping each one of them generate long-term value. (Speaking of long-term value, Bambi has grossed more than $267 million at the box office, against its $858,000 budget.) Questions about our approach, Sage Intacct, or hankering for more Disney trivia? Reach out.

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