May 22, 2024

Accelerating Marketing Success with Customer Experience Analytics

Customer experience analytics

Data-driven marketing grows awareness, builds relationships, creates leads, and boosts sales which is essential to any business; the field services industry is no exception. Prioritizing customer experience analytics is a non-negotiable to standing out and thriving. In the field service industry, you must first understand your customers and then make smart marketing decisions based on that data. Relying on preconceived assumptions about your clientele and business because you can’t properly analyze your data can have serious consequences. Like the cringy Pepsi and Kendall Jenner marketing disaster – don’t be that guy.

Let’s find out how business analytics software helps field service businesses understand their customer experience analytics, streamline their marketing initiatives, deepen client insights, and enhance segmentation and personalization strategies.

Where Are Our Leads Coming From?

This is the million-dollar question. You can help determine where your leads come from by analyzing data from various sources, and that includes your call information. You can complete an analysis of your calls with data found in Dialpad, CallRail, or some similar call center software. These systems are often integrated with ServiceTitan, which captures the same calls. Sometimes we pull this information directly out of ServiceTitan, and other times we need to match the data from ServiceTitan with the call center system to ensure accuracy and inform our decision-making process.

Additionally, leads may come from WordPress (or appropriate website form plugin), CallRail forms, online chats, or some other online tool. Typically, companies struggle to compile all the data across all sources, so it can be hard to figure out that million-dollar question, which makes it hard to focus your marketing efforts.

Executive analytics software can bring all this information together into one central platform, easily tracking their sources along the way. If you can accurately determine what source your leads are coming from you can allocate resources more effectively and increase conversion rates and, ultimately, revenue.

What Campaign Generates the Largest ROI? Which Campaign Is Least Effective?

From there, we can also track which campaign the lead came in from. We can look at period-over-period comparisons from different sources or campaigns, and other metrics to help figure out the costs of different leads and identify which source or campaign is yielding the highest return on investment. Basically, we can find out what initiatives give you the most bang for your buck.

Overall, you need to know where to spend your marketing budget and you need those numbers to back up those decisions. Maybe your quarterly mailer worked great at first but isn’t performing well anymore. Or, maybe the local advertisements aren’t bringing in as many sales, but they cost one-tenth the price of Google Ads. We can help you group campaigns into larger macro-level combinations to see if there is a better overall group that performs better, so you can evaluate performance more effectively.

We had one client who thought their local service advertisements were bringing in more deals that closed. However, once they did the attribution tracking (thanks to our data analytics software!), they discovered that while both Google Ads and the local service ads were bringing in the same number of leads, more closed deals stemmed from Google Ads. After finding this out, the client was able to focus more resources on Google Ads which brought in more sales for the company.

What Is the Lifetime Value of a Customer (CLV) Who Enters Through Each Campaign?

Understanding your CLV is critical to understanding the long-term impact of your business. We already know data is important, but this is where data becomes incredibly important because now you can see which campaign brings in the stickiest customers, i.e.: which campaign you should be focusing your resources on. Some tools track campaign success, but most don’t integrate and seamlessly combine your marketing data with your revenue data. By consolidating your customer experience analytics into one of our executive analytics solutions, our team can help you segment your client base into their different lead source categories. If it sounds simple, it’s because it is… with the right software and partner.

All of this provides you with deep insights into your clients’ preferences and needs. You can understand what products and services the people who have spent the most money have used throughout their relationship with your business. Then you can use that data to help create more of the same high-return clients with appropriate upsells, cross-selling, and marketing to increase overall revenue. It’s a win-win for both your business’s bottom line and your clients.

Do Your Leads Line Up with Outside Changes?

Let’s think outside the box with this one. For instance, if you’re a heating repair company, you should expect an increase in leads when the weather gets cold, and everyone turns on their heater again after the summer. Or, if you’re involved with new construction, you might want to track permit approvals. These aren’t always easily tracked in typical marketing software, but they certainly can be.

We had one success story with a client where we were able to pull permit approvals using an API with their local municipality and track whether their business increased appropriately with the municipality’s number of approvals. This innovative marketing initiative, streamlined by their executive analytics software, allowed us to effectively target their prospective clients and reach a target market that is more likely to purchase from them.

Real-time customer experience analytics have a profound impact, that is often underestimated, with 44% of enterprises acquiring more new customers and increasing ROI by adopting and integrating customer analytics operations. It’s not if you should use it, but rather to what extent. Reach out to our business analytics team to explore how you can maximize our executive analytics solutions in your field service business so you can optimize your marketing processes and enhance your buyer’s journey.

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