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August 02, 2022

BT Partners Announces ServiceTitan Integrations for Domo Executive Analytics

ServiceTitan Connector - BT Partners

The new connector combines data from multiple ServiceTitan instances to improve business visibility and optimize decision making.

CHICAGO, IL, August 2, 2022 — BT Partners is proud to announce a collaboration and partnership with ServiceTitan, an all-in-one cloud-based comprehensive solution for HVAC, plumbing, electrical-based, and other field service businesses.

“As the clear leading provider of business software to the field services industry, we are privileged to work with ServiceTitan to extend their solution and help our clients gain the competitive advantage that help drive their success.”, states Todd Perlman, President of BT Partners.

Companies that utilize ServiceTitan in their business maximize efficiencies, boost revenue, and streamline operations, like scheduling, dispatching, billing, sales, and inventory. While ServiceTitan offers reporting capabilities for individual locations, clients with multiple locations need additional functionality to obtain an accurate 360-degree view of the entire organization.

To combine data from all ServiceTitan instances and improve business visibility, BT Partners built the ServiceTitan Connector. This innovative connector pulls all ServiceTitan data automatically into Domo executive analytics for automated analysis and visualization. For companies with multiple locations, Domo and this connector pull data from multiple ServiceTitan databases seamlessly, combining all information on technicians, inventory, scheduling, and more from all locations for easy, insightful data analysis and visualization.

Jacob Specht, Vice President of Executive Analytics at BT Partners summarizes it nicely: “The ServiceTitan & Domo integration allows clients to leverage the power of two great systems to help provide deep, actionable insights.”

Domo is a complete integrated platform that not only stores, cleans, and prepares the data in all of an organization’s systems, but provides detailed analysis through visualizations, predictive models, and KPI forecasting. Understanding the value of Business Intelligence and data visualization, BT Partners helps clients leverage the powerful integrated functionality of Domo, while empowering clients to make data-driven decisions that increase profitability and ROI.

The ServiceTitan connector is available directly through Domo’s App Store or through BT Partners. For clients using ServiceTitan and wanting to explore Domo for improved business analytics, BT Partners provides experts in both solutions.

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ServiceTitan Connector - BT Partners

BT Partners Announces ServiceTitan Integrations for Domo Executive Analytics

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