May 18, 2023

Part 1: What’s New in SYSPRO Version 8 – Embedded Analytics

embedded analytics

We at BT Partners are very excited about the latest introduction by SYSPRO, Embedded Analytics. Embedded Analytics is one of the exciting new features introduced in the SYSPRO 8 version 2022 release. The integration of data and analysis capabilities are now available throughout the platform. This is a huge advancement in the software, and we are here to tell you why.

Data is the New Competitive Advantage

Data is woven into everything we do. From supply chain planning, privacy, security, and legal compliance to organizational strategy, customer relationships, governance, processes, and more. This makes it crucial for thriving businesses to have access to real-time data that offers timely and valuable insights that guide informed decisions in fast-paced environments.

92% of data leaders say their company got measurable business value from data and analytics investments. Achieving business impact by shifting data to action is key to improving industry competitiveness and increasing operational effectiveness. The new embedded analytics in SYSPRO 8, which can be accessed through both the SYSPRO desktop and web user interfaces, lets you better accomplish this. Let’s take a close look at some highlights worth getting excited about.

Improved Visibility & Analytical Capabilities

SYSPRO embedded analytics provides you with the answers you need, within the application you’re using; thereby, enabling faster awareness and improving decision-making in response to operational changes. Lack of visibility into key business metrics and KPIs drives poor decisions and missed growth opportunities. It’s impossible for an organization to become truly data-driven if they don’t have access to the data that drives performance and actionable change. By enhancing visibility and making sure the right information is easily available to decision-makers, you can build a data-driven culture throughout your business.

Cost Savings

SYSPRO 8 provides centralized and embedded data analytics without the requirement for investment in third-party solutions. This is a big benefit for those of us who would rather not co-depend on other systems and applications to run the day-to-day business. One secure platform allows for the integration of all data and brings together departments, teams, and locations, creating one unified view of consistent and accurate information. This helps combat workplace silos and disconnected data leading to more efficient and effective operations… which significantly impacts the bottom line.

Easy to Use

It doesn’t matter how complex a system is as long as it’s easy to navigate for its users. The embedded analytics is intuitive and easy to use. The built-in dashboard design and embedding experience (with little to no requirement to learn coding or reliance on development skills) means you can design and maintain your own data connections, visualizations, and analytical dashboards quickly and easily. Having to go back & forth with your IT department or system programmer consumes time and valuable resources. When you have the tools to create colorful illustrations filled with a variety of charts and graphs that are simple to understand, the power is moved back to the user, and they feel empowered to take action that drives change.

Reliable Security

SYSPRO 8’s embedded analytics integrates with existing SYSPRO security to provide a frictionless authentication experience while maintaining granular control with row, column, and object-level security. Only the right users can access the right data necessary to perform their job. There are 30 million small and medium-sized businesses in the USA and over 66% of them have had at least 1 security incident between 2018-2020. With the increasingly volatile landscape of threats, it’s never been more important for business leaders to ensure security compliance, and to take steps in protecting their data ecosystem from loss and unauthorized access. By leveraging the latest innovative technology, SYSPRO 8’s built-in robust security control make sure your team is secure.

Reduced Risk

Many organizations struggle with disparate reporting and analytical tools to gather data. We’ve all seen it or maybe we are even guilty of doing it ourselves. Compiling sensitive data from different systems, and then emailing this information to our counterparts. This poses major security risks and potential data breaches if the email is intercepted or if the recipient’s email account is compromised. SYSPRO embedded Analytics offers improved resilience through report centralization. You eliminate the need to compile multiple reports from different systems which minimizes the risk of errors and data breaches.  

SYSPRO 8 has several other additions that we’re looking forward to exploring in detail. So, keep an eye out for our Part 2: What’s New in SYSPRO 8 for a glimpse into our next topic and how this new system enhancement addresses common pain points and turns them into business opportunities. Contact our experts for questions or information on how you can get SYSPRO 8 up and running in your company today.

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