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July 27, 2021

It’s Gotta Be the Shoes

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What do shoes and Sage Intacct cloud based accounting software have in common? One of Nike’s most popular commercials of all time featured Spike Lee and Michael Jordan promoting the famed Air Jordan shoes*. Mars Blackmon, Spike’s character, asks Jordan what makes him the best player in the universe. Is it the vicious dunks? The long shorts? The short socks? Responding to Jordan’s repeated no, Mars concludes, “It’s gotta be the shoes.” The ad campaign was credited as a landmark in the evolution of Nike into a massively profitable lifestyle brand. What do shoes have to do with cloud based accounting software? Glad you asked.

Shoes and Software — Tools of the Trade

From ensuring safety to enhancing performance to escalating style, the right athletic equipment is vital. While equipment manufacturers may claim they provide a competitive advantage (and some may be right), no one would argue that it’s not the underlying athletic prowess that provides the ultimate edge. Shoes are tools in an athlete’s success, but there’s more to the equation. Dress me in a pair of Air Jordan shoes and I’m still not going to dunk.

Cloud based accounting software is a tool as well, and software publishers, like those equipment manufacturers, may claim their products provide a competitive advantage. Some applications, like Sage Intacct, do offer quantifiable efficiency and operational advantages to the companies that leverage them. Sage Intacct can streamline operations, speed processing, deliver strategic insights, and boost productivity — helping you run faster and jump higher (so to speak). Just like a basketball player is constantly looking to stay one step ahead of their opponent on the court, Sage is constantly looking to stay ahead of market needs through adding AI technologies and other tools to the solution to make it smarter, faster, better.

Like the classic Air Jordan shoe, Sage Intacct is frequently recognized by the press, earning two Top-Rated Awards from TrustRadius in the Accounting & Budgeting and ERP categories. The first (and only) financial management solution preferred by the AICPA, receiving a #1 rating for customer satisfaction by G2 Crowd. Plus, recognition as a Visionary for cloud-based Core Financial Suites in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. Undoubtedly, as Sage Intacct 2021 Release 2 demonstrates, the shoes keep getting better.

Despite all the advantages and accolades cloud based accounting software applications offer it doesn’t change the fact that when you peel back the technology — kick off the shoes so to speak— it’s Jordan underneath.

It’s a Team Effort

Just like the best shoes alone won’t make the player, the best business management software alone won’t transform a company’s performance. It will, however, enable the best players and teams, to reach higher levels of success.

The most competitive companies, like the most competitive players, recognize the importance of good coaching, the kind of coaching a professional partner can provide. A partner can amplify Sage Intacct’s inherent capabilities and magnify a company’s intrinsic strengths. Just like putting the right equipment on a talented athlete and providing them with the best coaching will make them a better player, providing the best ERP software to a solid performing company and backing them up with a business partner’s strategic advice will make that company elite.

Give us a shout to see how our team can help you select the right-sized solution for your organization. Just do it.

*Google “Gotta be the shoes” to watch the original commercial. It’s fun.

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