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June 09, 2022

Capabilities that Matter

ERP capabilities

In this blog, we’ll be taking a close look at some of the intelligent innovations in Sage Intacct that matter, specifically the features and functionality that Sage Intacct provides that truly set it apart from the crowd. We’ll also be showing you why those features and functions are vital to your organization’s long-term success. The first capability that matters—intelligent innovation.

Software publishers typically promote their products by touting their features, and while it’s true that an ERP’s functionality is important in the selection process, it’s also true that most modern cloud ERP applications provide largely the same feature set. That’s right, we’ve said it: most cloud ERPs do most of the same things. You have to dig deeper, ask the right questions, and consider what will really make a difference in your operations. In other words, in a sea of parity, how can you zero in on the real value propositions? In the case of intelligent innovation, why should it matter to your organization?

Smart Intentions

You may remember, back in 2019, that Sage named Aaron Harris as the corporate-wide CTO. Harris is one of the founding leaders of Sage Intacct and served as CTO before the acquisition. At the time, we saw the move as clear evidence that Sage Intacct is committed to leveraging emerging technologies (such as artificial intelligence or AI) to improve user experience, drive business efficiency, build migration pathways and improve the reach and connectivity of its ecosystem. Given the great job Harris has been doing the past few years, we definitely continue to see his involvement as an indication of innovation to come as well.

Since the acquisition, Sage Intacct continues to be the beneficiary of tremendous development resources, many of which are clearly intended to better equip you to compete and succeed in a fast-moving digital world.

Smart in Action

It adds up to a culture of intelligent innovation, not to meet a prescribed checklist of features, but to provide advanced technologies that make a definitive impact on financial management and operations management—things like these gems:

  • Intelligent GL

Sage Intacct Intelligent General Ledger. Its goal is to deliver strategic value across three domains – accounting, trust and insights – through several AI-enabled use cases, including: the ability to leverage AI to accelerate time to revenue with intelligent time capture, improved anomaly detection to speed up the financial close process, and provide improved insights to predict customer renewal and churn rates.  Predictive analytics are critical to subscription-based businesses.

  • Integration Between Sage Intacct and Sage People

Another manifestation of the smart investments Sage is making in the solution is the integration between Sage Intacct and Sage People. The marriage delivers powerful business management capabilities through a unified system for financials, budgeting and planning, HR and people management.

  • Custom Report Writer Additions

Interactive Custom Report Writer provides customers with a jumpstart on their operational insights. To leverage this further, Sage Intacct is rolling out an expanded library of more than 50 pre-built custom reports designed to encourage new ways for you to look at your information and improve decision making. Smart, quick and effective.

  • Interactive Visual Explorer

This fancy feature is designed to provide new ways to discover business insights using embedded analytics and visualizations. It enables collaborative exploration through advanced visualizations, and the ability to add annotations to reports using an innovative “narrate” mode to find and capture insights during the analysis right in line with the reporting.

Smart Partnerships

Sage Intacct is arguably the most innovative financial management system on the market today—but here again, we caution that an array of cool features should not be your criteria for selecting a new ERP or accounting solution. We encourage you to look beyond the claims, seeking out advanced functionality and capabilities that truly make a difference in your operation. A trusted partner, like BT Partners, is as asset in that search, and onward into your selection, implementation, and day-to-day use. Think of your ERP investment is an annuity, paying dividends over time, and your partner as your advisor, helping you optimize your holdings for maximum long term value.

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