In an effort to address that market need, BT Partners is pleased to announce the introduction of our CIO Advisory Services that will help address challenges ranging from:

  • Defining IT strategy,
  • Managing the business/system architecture, and
  • Measuring and maximizing IT value and performance.

Our CIO Advisory Services team will assist IT organizations:

  • Deliver new or better capabilities to the business faster.
  • Provide more reliable service, early identification and robust solutions.
  • Increase the responsiveness and quality of service from IT.
  • Ensure alignment of IT initiatives and provide an IT structure that maximizes business value.
  • Respond effectively to opportunities, regulatory demands, cost reduction pressures, or reorganizations.

Practice Lead

Ian Ellis

We’re pleased to introduce Ian Ellis as BT Partners’ Director, CIO Advisory Services. Ian has over 20 years of success driving dramatic improvements in IT organizations and his efforts have resulted in reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and creating a higher yield on IT investments. Ian’s strengths include his abilities to identify business needs and issues, define the strategy and approach, and build teams and operating models.

Ian would welcome the opportunity to share his insights on IT strategy and maximizing performance and value. He can be reached at 847-400-9341 or via email at