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Accounting, operation, and tech solutions to give equipment OEMs, dealers & equipment rental companies a competitive edge

Equipment Companies Balance Efficiency & Excellence

We understand that today’s equipment dealers, OEMs, rental specialists, and service organizations compete not only on price, but on service. That’s why we work to optimize your technology in ways that allow you to exceed expectations with every interaction.

BT Partners’ solutions provide you with sales flexibility, equipment utilization, field service, equipment lifecycle, and supply chain capabilities that will allow you to be more productive, more proactive, and more profitable.

Service Excellence

Build long-lasting relationships with field and shop service offerings that exceed expectations while contributing to the bottom line.

Lifecycle Profitability

Calculate and monitor equipment throughout its lifecycle to provide better service and capitalize on new income opportunities.

Optimize Supply Chain Management

Gain supply chain visibility though data analytics that bring better demand forecasting & decision making, and lower inventory carrying costs.

Technology Services That Fit

Spend more time growing your equipment business by leveraging technology tools & services for systems monitoring, backups, and security.

Handtmann Inc.

“We’ve partnered with BT Partners for decades. Clearly, they’re doing something right, because we’ve never considered a change. BT Partners continues to impress us with their knowledge of the software and their ability to keep making it work better for us. We couldn’t operate without them.”

managed services

Infor CSI Equipment & Field Service - Industry-Driven ERP

Infor CloudSuite Equipment and CloudSuite Field Service provide equipment service companies the software they need to compete in an increasingly service-oriented industry. BT Partners works with equipment dealers to optimize Infor ERP solutions to deliver a rapid and increasing return on investment.

Managed Services Drive Technology Forward

Our Managed Services consultants are deeply invested, offering the practical expertise and seamless IT support your business needs to be successful. Whether you’re looking for specific project expertise, prefer our Managed IT Services team take responsibility for the full range of your technology or something in between, we’re here to help.

Executive Analytics Provide Dashboard Insight

When your success depends on optimizing both the equipment you sell & service and your client relationships, you need deep operational insight across the company. We work with equipment companies to optimize business intelligence tools like Domo, Power BI, and Burst BI to gain quick access to the metrics & KPIs that matter most for proactive and agile decision making.

Jelmar, LLC

“They leveraged much of our existing hardware, optimizing functions while saving us money. I call them with any technology question, and they’ve got answers. I feel like BT Partners is watching out for us, looking for ways to help us improve.”

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