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March 16, 2020

Why Mobility Matters During An Epidemic

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Chances are that you, like most people in the world right now, are worried about the impact of the viral epidemic sweeping the world right now, causing businesses, cities, and countries to come to a screeching halt. Even if your worry doesn’t stem from catching the virus itself, you may be worried about the ripple effects. How will this affect your business? What about the economy? Workforce mobility has always been a valuable asset, but now more than ever, businesses can rely it to help things stay on track.

What Does Mobility Mean?

To put it simply, mobility in terms of company software means you can access your work applications in real time and complete tasks in the system from anywhere at any time. Solutions can be accessed from Smart phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. This provides companies and employees tremendous flexibility on a daily basis, and especially during a global health crisis.

Sick Employees

Whether or not employees or colleagues have COVID-19, coming to work sick is never a good idea. Germs can easily be spread, taking out more of the workforce. Mobility that is built into the software solutions your organization is using makes it simple to access your work from anywhere, so sick employees can work if they feel up to it without infecting anybody else.


If you watch or read the news, or log onto any social media site, or are generally aware of what’s going on the world, you are probably aware of global quarantines. Some of these are “self-quarantines” for the safety of others after a trip etc., and others are being quarantined due to illnesses they may have. Whatever the case may be, employees under quarantine being unable to work can quickly take a toll on your business and leave long lasting effects. With a solution in place that has mobility as a feature, business can continue as usual with employees continuing to work remotely.

Inability to Travel

It sounds like a nightmare to be stranded in a foreign city or country with no way to get home or return to work as usual. This is a struggle that many are currently facing with travel bans and large amounts of canceled flights and other sources of travel due to the spread of the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19. With a comprehensive solution, at a minimum stranded employees would still be able to keep up with mission critical tasks while they await travel arrangements.

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