February 09, 2023

SYSPRO 7 Retirement – What’s Next?

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In the Fall of 2022, SYSPRO announced they are replacing SYSPRO 7 with SYSPRO 8. If you’re running on SYSPRO 7 and are not ready to make the change, no worries because our commitment to you stays the same: we will continue to support our clients no matter what version of SYSPRO they’re on. However, it’s important you’re aware of the impacts and how BT Partners can help whether you stay on version 7 or move to version 8.

What Are Your Options

SYSPRO announced they are ending support for SYSPRO 7 in 2023. If you’ve been pushing that mental “Remind Me Tomorrow” button for months, now is the time to make some decisions. Major changes like a version’s retirement can get put off because change is difficult. We won’t sugarcoat it; it requires work. For a lot of our clients who run on SYSPRO version 7, once the EOL hits, it becomes a security risk with functionality decreasing and issues costing more to fix, including custom work, if the issue is fixable.

The good news is the options are clear: stay on the existing version, upgrade to the latest version, or re-explore the market to see if it’s time to switch to a different system. Each option comes with its own risks, but at the same time, they all have great benefits as well. The key is careful planning of EOL management to avoid disruption to the business. This is what an ERP partner can help you with.

Procrastination is Tempting

First, what you don’t want to do is put off the inevitable. SYSPRO is replacing version 7 with version 8. Now’s the time to focus on remaining operational and compliant, and if you choose to stay on version 7, then incorporating strategies to reduce vulnerabilities is important.

We highly recommend not delaying because an update needs careful planning and thought. It can cost a lot and things can break, especially if companies have custom-built systems and your partner needs to do development for those integrations or systems. Our goal is to make sure your systems are secured and optimized both pre- and post-transition.

What SYSPRO Cutting Support for Version 7 Means to You

SYSPRO 7’s sunset means that SYSPRO will no longer be improving functionality or fixing issues for SYSPRO version 7. We at BT Partners will still be there to help when you need it. However, the product manufacturer (SYSPRO) will only provide you with system support if you upgrade to version 8. Why does this matter if you always work with a partner and not SYSPRO?

While we’re great at what we do, we admit we’re not miracle workers. If a client on version 7 decides to change their processes and encounters a program issue, due to version 7’s retirement, the issue will not be fixed by SYSPRO. The client will need to pay a partner to work through the issue. While we always put 110% effort into finding a solution for our clients, it’s not a guarantee we’ll find an acceptable solution. We may be able to discover a workaround, but we can’t promise this.

The longer a company stays on version 7 past its EOL, the more risk your company will inherit. This is at the discretion of its users, but ask yourself this: Can you afford the impacts of running on outdated software that doesn’t provide the support you rely on now and in the future? Running on legacy software can stop you from scaling quickly to meet unforeseen demands, mean you possibly can’t integrate with other ISV or third-party applications and can limit process optimization. Essentially, obsolete software blocks your ability to grow or adapt, which is key for a business’s survival.   

What are the Next Steps?

1) Determine Your Timeline

At some point, depending on the platforms you’re using, they may also reach EOL and SYSPRO 7 will not be compatible with the latest OS or SQL Server versions. For clients remaining on Windows Server or SQL Server versions that have reached their EOL, that is a big security concern and highly risky. Reviewing what Windows Server and SQL Server versions are being used with SYSPRO 7 and how far those are from EOL can help with determining a timeline and your plan for upgrading.

2) Put Together a Budget

If you decide to upgrade to version 8, we can help you create a budget. We can also help with reviewing if any functions that are currently achieved with custom applications or custom reports might be part of the core solution in SYSPRO 8 – hence improving your use of SYSPRO and reducing outside programs and applications that need upgrading and maintenance.

3) What Will the Upgrade Really Entail

The big question remains: how difficult is it going to be to upgrade to SYSPRO version 8? Like all things in life, it depends. It depends on your current version and whether you’re using CISAM or SQL database. It depends if you have custom applications and integrated systems, or a lot of custom reporting requirements. Essentially, it depends.

In general, the changes between SYSPRO version 7 to 8 are less than the changes that occurred between older versions that got us to SYSPRO version 7. That’s encouraging news. However, there’s still work to do and we recommend lots of testing to ensure a smooth and successful migration.

We don’t lay this out to scare you and we haven’t left out challenging parts to appease you. We are transparent so you can keep your company running smoothly & securely. If you’re looking for SYSPRO 7 help or are wanting to move to version 8, reach out to our team for help!

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