AP Automation

November 15, 2021

Partnerships At Work. We’re Talking About Stampli and You — and Us.

AP automation

Partnerships are vital component in the way BT Partners does business. We optimize the way businesses use technology by partnering with hands-on experts whose products complement the solutions we offer, such as a highly integrated AP automation system. They could add deeper horizontal functionality or specialized vertical functionality to your business, depending on what you’re looking for. During the discovery process with a new client, as we assess and seek to address workflow requirements, we may identify an opportunity to recommend one of our partner solutions, and often bring the partner directly into the conversations. We believe our partnerships allow us to be better at what we do—and they provide the technology that allows our clients to be better at what they do.

The Vetting Process

We vet our partners carefully, as we consider them extensions of our team. Our partners must share the same commitment to customer service excellence that BT Partners maintains. They must honor the commitments they make, both to us and to our clients. Most importantly, partners’ solutions must contribute to the long-term value we help each client build in their ERP.

An example of one such partnership is Stampli. They are a powerful AP automation application that integrates beautifully and seamlessly with Sage Intacct. Stampli is a highly customizable system that issues, controls and processes credit card transactions, like invoices, all inside the user’s application. With Stampli, businesses have improved communication & collaboration with their clients, vendors, internal approvers – basically anyone involved with purchases & invoicing.  This allows for faster responses from everyone involved and leads to an impressive statistic for Stampli users – a 5x faster approval time.  The solution also allows full automation of accounts payable with audit-ready histories stored & available for download at anytime.

Why We Choose Stampli

Stampli is a great partner to do business with because we trust them to provide superior pre and post implementation customer service and support. We have found their software to be very user friendly and are impressed by the many capabilities available to configure their product for specific customer use cases. Stampli has always been highly focused on offering the most powerful AP Automation platform, and they’re constantly looking for ways to upgrade and enhance their application so they continually align with customer’s needs. A recent example of this is when they added the functionality of ‘Two-Way PO Matching’. This allows the the system to automatically search for a PO to match to the invoice resulting in less hours of manual work for our customers.

David Thikoll, the VP of BT Partners, says, “What we like the best is that most of these AP players are really focused on handling the payment part. Stampli, unlike some of the others, has the option to use the software to capture the invoices and route them for approval, but you’re not forced to use their payment services. This gives the client the flexibility of other options for their payments.”

Lasting Relationships and Successful Outcomes

Lest you think we’re getting too kumbaya here, let us assure you that there’s also a selfish component behind our relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers hang around and continue to business with us. Satisfied customers also tell their friends and colleagues about us, and referrals are a continuing source of BT Partner’s business. Partnerships like those we share with Stampli help us solve our clients’ technology and business challenges, creating lasting relationships, long-term value and successful outcomes. David continues, “We enjoy working with Stampli because we know that they have the same core values and high standards of service. They are extremely customer-centric.”

Measuring Success

There are ERP solution providers out there that focus primarily on sales, measuring their success by how much of a certain product they have resold throughout the year. At BT Partners, we measure our success by our clients’ success, using their trust and satisfaction as our yardstick. Our partners are in the position to play an important role in our clients’ success, which is why we are so careful in choosing who we work with. Drop us a line to find out more on why we think putting relationships over transactions is so important in this business.

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