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August 19, 2019

Is A Cloud-Based Accounting Solution Right For Your Business

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Times are changing, and everything is moving at a quicker pace and needs to be easily accessible. Think about the amount of stuff you can get done on just your phone. The same steps are being made in the business world, all with the same intentions – moving faster with more current information, wherever, whenever. So what is something that might be worth looking at to keep you up to date with the times and fast-moving market, and maintain your competitive edge? I will give you three things to consider when deciding if a cloud-based accounting solution is the right choice for your company.

The Cloud is Always on

Day or night, your information is easy to access when it is needed – even when your company managers are on the run, maybe in transit from one facility to another or simply just off location. Your managers will have the same ability to pull numbers while in a coffee shop getting their caffeine fix for the day as they would from the office.

Less Downtime for Upgrades

Another benefit you will see with cloud-based accounting software is that updates are seamless and automatic. No more massive and expensive internal upgrade processes that bring your business processes to a snail’s crawl while testing and to a halt while actually upgrading. With that kind of time-saver, while also keeping your software current and operating smoothly, it will allow your business to run more fluently. Another luxury of cloud-based accounting software is that you are not stuck to one single device as you are with legacy, on-premise software that is only available on one local server that is at your main office.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

As a company, you are often asked to pull reports and compile daily, weekly, and maybe even monthly deliverables. This requires servers and a lot of them depending on your business volume. A cloud-based accounting system can help push your company into a state where less and fewer servers are required and possibly provide the ability to get rid of your data center. A good cloud solution scales with you – and only uses the computing power you actually need. This not only saves time and money but with fewer servers and more of the ability to share information with fewer print outs you are helping save the planet by being a little more earth-friendly as well as budget-friendly.

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