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November 27, 2019

Holiday Gift Guide For The Accountant In Your Life

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The holiday season is upon which means you’re probably searching high and low to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. We’ve made your job a little bit easier when it comes to shopping for the accountant in your life. Here are a few fail-proof gift ideas:

A Calculator

It sounds like a silly gift for an accountant, but people who love numbers and crunching them really do enjoy a nice calculator. Not all calculators are made the same and sometimes the one on your phone just won’t do.


Heated Seat Cushion

Space heaters are banned in many offices – but if your favorite accountant is spending a lot of hours at their desk in a cold building, a heated seat cushion for their desk chair may make a world of difference in their lives. Being cold is a known cause of reduced productivity – and when you’ve been freezing at your desk all day, it’s easy to come home in less than a good mood!


Numeric Keypad

Since laptops are far more common these days, a lot of computers no longer have a numeric keypad. Getting a USB plugin version for your favorite accountant is an easy and thoughtful gift.



While we don’t recommend drinking on the job, anybody who works in accounting is sure to need a drink towards the end of the year and the end of the workday. Find out which spirit suits them best and make their holiday season a little merrier with the gift of holiday cheer.


The Office

Anybody who works in an office is bound to love the antics and humor in The Office. Gifting a season or two, or even the full series is a great gift idea since the show is soon to be leaving Netflix. (Or just get your favorite Office fan a red stapler!)



A nice pair of headphones that cancel noise is an excellent and thoughtful gift for the CPA in your life. Crunching numbers and drudging through tax season will be easier with uninterrupted audio bliss.


Music subscription

Along with a nice set of headphones, a music subscription to enjoy them with is a great gift. Apple Music and Spotify are popular subscriptions that have a wide variety of music selections and playlists to listen to.



Most accountants run on caffeine, especially during tax season. Besides giving a gift card to a local coffee shop, a mug that will keep their coffee warm (or cold if that’s there thing) is a great gift for any accountant. You can have one customized or get them one with a fun accounting pun.


Smart Wallet

Unfortunately, in the world we live in, getting card information and money stolen is a far too common occurrence. A smart wallet is a great gift that’s capable of warding off theft by merely existing. The RFID technology is becoming more common among ladies’ handbags and wallets, but also for men’s wallets too.


A Funny Shirt

In accounting, we all know that it’s an accrual world. Your favorite accountant will love this pun-filled shirt!

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