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February 21, 2023

Five Ways Contractors are Building a Firm Financial Foundation with Cloud-Based Technology

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We usually don’t associate the construction industry with cutting-edge technology, but in reality, general contractors and developers have embraced technology and the innovations it fuels for years. With 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM), advanced robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and wearables, the industry is making technology investments that fuel accuracy, safety, and efficiency. Overall, construction technology investor funding increased 100% year over year during 2021.

Until recently, though, contractors’ options for financial management, project costing, and payroll software were decidedly outmoded. Sage Intacct entered the construction Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) market to change that, and the solution is quickly building a reputation for excellence. So, what makes Sage Intacct Construction ERP a compelling solution for modern contractors and developers? Here are five reasons why.

True cloud technology

Cloud adoption rates continue to climb, and there’s little dispute that cloud-based business solutions dominate the market. Sage Intacct Construction is a true cloud application, built from the ground up and designed specifically for the cloud. The cloud platform provides your teams with anywhere, anytime secure data access and automatic data backups — among many other benefits.

A foundation of excellence

While Sage Intacct Construction was introduced a few years ago, Sage has long been a leader in the construction space with Sage 300 for Construction and Real Estate and Sage 100 Contractor. In fact, Sage 300 (formerly Timberline) has been a leading industry solution for over 40 (yes, really) years. Over 50,000 construction companies rely on Sage to manage over seven million subcontracts, 500,000 projects, and 600,000 rental units. With that pedigree in its back pocket, Sage Intacct Construction has all the tools to be the next-generation cloud-based construction accounting software.

A commitment to innovation

Sage Intacct is demonstrating a solid commitment to its Construction offering, pouring development resources into making it a world-class solution capable of supporting even the most complex operations. Sage can lean on its established internal construction expertise and blend that with its modern cloud-based capabilities and complementary offerings. The result is an end-to-end construction ERP solution that competitors cannot match.

A focus on the bottom line

There are a lot of unique aspects of a construction company. Still, at your core, you’re a company that has to continually monitor the bottom line — just like every other for-profit enterprise. Sage Intacct Construction began life as Sage Intacct, the leading cloud-based financial management solution and the only solution endorsed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). Sage Intacct Construction extends the Sage Intacct core financial capabilities with job costing, change management, commitments, and billing optimized to support construction businesses. Combine that with a tool chest of automated workflows, flexible reporting, cash management functionality, AI-powered operations, and a multi-dimensional general ledger, and you’ve got construction accounting software that outstrips any other offering in its class.

Integration with leading industry solutions

Sage Intacct Construction ERP is best-of-breed construction accounting software that directly integrates with other construction tools (and offers an open API) to provide contractors and developers with a comprehensive solution.

  • Estimating

While some estimators still cling tightly to their spreadsheets, Sage Estimating is now the most widely used cost estimating solution in the construction industry. Sage Intacct Construction is now leveraging Estimating’s esteemed reputation by releasing an integration between the two. Now, estimates from Sage Estimating can be quickly sent to Sage Intacct as a project estimate. Combining these two powerhouses extends the value and functionality of each of them — benefitting modern contractors.

  • Takeoff

By extension, contractors can benefit by adding eTakeoff Dimension, a best-in-class electronic takeoff tool that significantly reduces takeoff time. eTakeoff Dimension integrates with Sage Estimating using eTakeoff Bridge.

  • Field Operations

Sage Intacct Constructor integrates with Sage Field Operations. As a result, field Operations sync seamlessly across your applications, whether in the office or the field, improving efficiency, communication, and resource allocation.

  • Payroll

Currently available only to “early adopters,” Sage Intacct Construction Payroll gives you unprecedented visibility into your labor costs, enabling you to reduce cost overruns and improve the accuracy of future estimates. In addition, with a powerful payroll engine, you can easily handle even the most complex payrolls.

BT Partners understands how to optimize Sage Intacct Construction ERP to meet the complex demands and nuances of modern construction accounting. We have in-house expertise in the industry, allowing us to recommend best-practice approaches that speed and enhance your construction company’s return on investment. Questions about Sage Intacct Construction? Reach out to our team of experts for answers.

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