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January 21, 2020

Are You Ready To Move Beyond QuickBooks?

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If your company is starting to think it is time to make the change to something beyond QuickBooks, you might already need to make the move. There are some questions to ask yourself and your company as you evaluate your accounting solution needs. If the points listed below sound like your company, it is indeed time to move beyond QuickBooks. We know change can be scary and disruptive – but if the end goal improves efficiency and productivity, it’s worth it!

Reporting in Excel

How much time is your accounting team (or you) spending creating reports in Excel, rather than just being able to keep your finger on your business in your accounting system? If you find that you are spending even a couple of days a week pulling data out and keying it into Excel to manipulate it to get your reports, it’s time for a change to a system that better supports your reporting needs.


Your company might already be noticing a decline in performance and large delays while using QuickBooks. This might have become apparent when the file sizes reached about 250 MB or when transactions exceed 32,000. These problems increase exponentially when any list of vendors, employees etc. reaches 10,000. So, you can see as your company grows and business is really ramping up how QuickBooks will start to slow processes down and eventually hinder the level at which your company can compete. Of course, the last thing anyone wants to happen is for any of this information and data to become corrupt and or lost – which can happen if you end up with a corrupt QuickBooks data file.

Time Wasted on Manual Input

Are your team members trying to move data between multiple systems manually? Would integrations help?

Manual input is not bad if you are inputting a few transactions, but if this number increases QuickBooks does not have a way to automate most of the time-consuming processes. This is obviously wasting time and money when efforts can be focused elsewhere. There are tons of options out there that offer the ability to step away from manual entry. When your company has reached the point where transactions are at a high level you are introducing error with manual entry. Even your most skilled and precise employees might have a hiccup because at the end of the day we are human and mistakes are inevitable.

Need for Mobility

Do the people who need access to reporting and dashboards from your accounting system have the data they need at their fingertips, on their mobile devices, or are they waiting for emailed reports and phone calls to answer their questions?

If your accounting team is spending a lot of their time answering questions from mobile team members that need information and numbers that could be available to them in the cloud, it might be time to move to a solution that serves their needs and relieves some of the pressure on your accounting team.

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