November 18, 2020

5 Myths And Misconceptions Surrounding Sage Intacct Pricing

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If you ask any Sage Intacct partner about Sage Intacct pricing you’re likely to get an answer akin to, “It all depends.” That’s when myths and misconceptions tend to fill in the gaps. In truth, no business software vendor can offer you concrete Sage Intacct pricing without knowing a lot more about your business and the challenges you’re facing. But what we can do is provide a frame of reference – a starting point for the journey — as well as dispel some of the myths and misconceptions that interfere with understanding the real value behind a cloud-based ERP like Sage Intacct.

Here are five myths and misconceptions surrounding Sage Intacct pricing for small to mid-size businesses:

1. The cost of Sage Intacct is too high for a small to medium organization

The low entry costs of Sage Intacct make it an enormously attractive option for small and midsized businesses. When you compare monthly subscription fees of cloud ERP to the hefty upfront perpetual license model of most on premise ERPs, Sage Intacct becomes even more attractive.

Sage Intacct pricing, in the form of subscription fees, can run from $10,000 a year for a small company with basic requirements to $60,000 or more for a SaaS organization with complex requirements such as subscription billing, contract management and revenue recognition. There is a broad set of core financial functionality included with Sage Intacct, complemented by a long list of optional, more specialized functionality such as project accounting and contract management. Training and implementation (which comprise a necessary part of your budget) vary considerably, but it doesn’t mean it is out of reach for small to medium organizations.

2. We won’t use all the features so Sage Intacct is not a good fit for us

First, we’d advise you to look beyond features when selecting your next cloud ERP application. Remember that you’re investing in a technology platform to solve business challenges and scale your business, not because it has cool features. Yes, cloud ERP solutions like Sage Intacct are loaded with features, and it’s true, you may not use them all but consider that you are investing in your organization’s future, not just its present. Functionality that might not be applicable today could be vital for tomorrow.

3. We can’t afford the time or manpower to implement the system

The truth is, you can’t afford not to invest the time and manpower. Small and growing businesses need the power of cloud ERP as they scale operations and compete with larger companies. We understand that your resources are busy running the business, so be certain to partner with a Sage Intacct business partner that can shoulder much of the heavy lifting during the implementation.

4. My business is too complex for accounting and financial services/ERP software to understand

Every company across every industry has nuances to their operation. Modern cloud ERP solutions like Sage Intacct are designed to be flexible, configurable, and readily adaptable to address a wide range of variability and operational uniquities. We’ve implemented Sage Intacct for companies in dozens of industries and each had their own complex workflows. It’s likely that together we can accommodate yours.

5. A cloud-based ERP is too risky in terms of cybersecurity

Security is the responsibility of everyone involved in your Sage Intacct implementation— your Sage Intacct partner, the software publisher, and yes, even you. Unfortunately, in most cases, security breaches comes from within an organization and not from the cloud provider. It’s helpful to understand the security precautions included in Sage Intacct, which include physical and network security, application security, system security and data-level security.

Dispel the myths. Embrace the ROI.

We understand that a cloud ERP implementation carries some inherent risk and uncertainty – factors that naturally spawn myths and misconceptions. However, we urge you not to let them stand in the way of your business’ success. We’re operating in a fast economy, where your biggest competitor is often time. To succeed in this economy, you need to be agile, responsive and fast. You need actionable insights into your customers and your marketplace to keep service levels high. Together, Sage Intacct and BT Partners can dispel the myths, mitigate the risks and help you realize a healthy return on your technology investment.

If you’d like to learn more about how BT Partners can help you implement Sage Intacct for your organization, call us today at (847) 205-5015.

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