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April 17, 2020

3 Ways Dispensaries Can Stay Engaged With Cannabis Clients

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Many cannabis businesses are still dealing with recent legalization and potential dramatic changes due to the coronavirus, and, as such, they need to be very mindful of building relationships and keeping their clients engaged. Finding ways to help, entertain and serve your clients during this volatile time is crucial to the success of your company. Here are three ways to stay engaged with your cannabis clients.

Offer a Delivery Service

While most dispensaries have been designated as essential businesses and remain open, there are many individuals who would prefer to have their products delivered to their home. This is legal in most states that have, at minimum, legalized medical cannabis. You’ll want to make sure you’re properly insured, employee reliable drivers and follow all state guidelines regarding cannabis delivery. Once you’re established, you’ll want to heavily promote your service through social media and email campaigns. The use of video and high-quality images will increase the reach of your messaging through social channels, as visual content is shared more often. Your content, both social media and email, should serve to educate and entertain your audience, not simply to announce your new service. Make it fun, make it legal, and consider something to make it special – like offering a roll of toilet paper with each delivery over a certain amount!

Host Educational Webinars

Webinars have become extremely popular over the last few years and that trend appears likely to continue. With more research into the benefits of cannabis being done than ever before, there are a host of topics you can cover during a webinar to educate even your most savvy clients. Choosing a singular topic and storyboarding your ideas will ensure you keep things on track. Opening up the discussion to your audience toward the end of your presentation will allow you to engage with them and answer their questions.  Building relationships is essential during this time, and webinars allow for that, all while providing value to your clients.

Schedule a Cannabis Film Festival

This is a bit outside the box, but many dispensary clients and employees function almost like a family. Bringing everyone together to watch a couple movies together online is a fun way to boost morale and show your clients you’re thinking of them. Netflix in particular offers a watch party option that allows viewers to sync their movie with a group. There’s also a chat feature for everyone to leave comments and communicate. Team building and engaging with clients in a relaxed atmosphere is essential right now in order to maintain relationships.

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