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January 17, 2020

2019 BT Partners Blog Year In Review

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We here at Business Technology Partners have made a concerted effort over the last year to bring more value to our readers through our blog articles. We cover a variety of financial topics to help small business owners better manage their finances. Here are five of our most popular posts from 2019.

What Federal Legalization Will Mean For The Cannabis Industry

A recent house committee has approved the federal decriminalization of marijuana and the bill will soon make its way to the entire house. What many see as an inevitable federal legalization will bring many changes to the current cannabis industry landscape.

Top 10 Jokes For Accountants And Financial Professionals

Working in accounting and other finance positions can be stressful. It’s important to stay in a good mindset and maintain your sense of humor in order to be your most productive self. Here we’ve compiled our top ten jokes for accountants and financial professionals.

Honoring Those Who Have Served: 4 Ways to Celebrate Veterans Day

Veterans day is the official holiday to honor and celebrate those who serve and those who have served in the United States Armed services. As a company that employees some veterans, we welcome the opportunity to give back to those who have selflessly defended our country. Here are a few ways to show your appreciation while celebrating Veterans Day.

4 Ideas For Good Accounting Dashboards

Today’s business environment is data-hungry. As a result, many of us are drowning in data, and we need a way to consume important information in seconds. This is where good dashboard design comes into play. A well-designed dashboard answers questions and helps you track your business and see trends. It’s designed to communicate a lot of information in a quick scan – and let you only dig into the data if you see something that requires your attention. In this post, we’re going to focus on just a few ideas on how to present certain types of information in ways that make it easy to stay focused on your business.

6 Ways To Identify Unnecessary Expenses

Cost reduction is vital in any organization. It is important to find ways that you may be overspending or ways your company is losing money unnecessarily. Here are a few ways to find and cut unnecessary expenses in your organization.

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