Doing the Right Thing for You

While BT Partners is a business technology consultancy, the heart of what we do is simple…
We make businesses work better.
  • Efficiency


    We make business processes simpler and more efficient.

  • Effectiveness


    We facilitate improved performance throughout an organization.

  • Security


    We improve security and reduce risk.

  • Visibility


    We provide a clearer view into operations and performance.

We strive to be your trusted, reliable and committed resource.

The BT Partners’ Difference

Technology-centered business consulting services provided with expertise, focus and a commitment to your long-term success.

Building Quality Relationships

We grow relationships over time based on evidence of
reliability, honesty, integrity and competence.

BT Partners Difference

Developing In-Depth Knowledge

We are committed to establishing a deep familiarity of
your business and the way it operates.

Our Leadership Team

Our team has valuable insight and we’re here to share our expertise.

Meet Todd Perlman

Todd Perlman, President of BT Partners, shares his thoughts on the value of focus, taking risks and following your dreams.

A Little More About Us

  • team

    44Number of Team Members

  • Clients

    250+Number of Clients

  • business

    30Years in Business

  • CPAs

    99%Client Success Rate

  • MBAs

    Cloud&On Premise Deployments

We strive to be your trusted, reliable and committed resource.

Our Best-In-Class Partnerships

We align with great companies and technologies that enable business process improvement.

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