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May 24, 2022

Why Getting an All-in-One Solution Can Be Great for Your Business – Part 1

All-in-One Solution - BT Partners

That’s the million-dollar question everyone is asking lately – is an all-in-one solution better for my business or should we go with a best-in-class solution for each part of our tech stack? Here’s our two cents on the topic: an all-in-one solution can be more cost-effective because it unifies all your business processes into one scalable solution. It encompasses your entire tech stack versus a best-in-class solution which is multiple platforms for each area of business across all departments. When you run on multiple platforms, workflows can be disjointed and a company could end up spending a lot more time and resources on integrating, maintaining, and upgrading all the different solutions. It’s also likely that some platforms do not integrate well or at all with each other. This results in inefficiencies and lost productivity – the exact opposite of what we’re trying to attain. Let’s dive into the key reasons why an all-in-one solution could be the better solution for your business.

Increased Compatibility

An all-in-one solution handles all the different workflows throughout your business. When you use multiple systems in your business, you run the risk of systems being incompatible with each other and not speaking to one another. This inevitably increases the cost of labor for staff to gather and compile data from each of the systems, while also significantly increasing the chances of human-caused errors. “If you’re looking for the easy button, when you’re looking for an ERP, Infor CloudSuite Industrial (Infor CSI) is really the easy button – because it’s all-inclusive,” says Jonathan Zaloum, Sr Consultant, Business Solutions at BT Partners.

Infor CSI is built on Infor OS Cloud operating system, a comprehensive all-in-one data and document management platform that handles your entire tech stack, so incompatibility is rarely an issue. However, if you do need to integrate a third-party solution into your business, it’s easy to do using Infor’s middleware software. This software gives you the ability to easily add on third-party software so you can build whatever customized solution fits your needs. Additionally, you can build applications with minimal coding using Infor Mongoose. All this together means that as your business grows, you’re not limited to the status quo. Zaloum states, “Pricewise, Infor is very competitive when looking at SaaS products on a per user basis – you get a tremendous amount of value.”

Improved Security

47% of companies experienced fraud in the past 24 months. It’s no wonder that in our ever-changing complex business environment, we have security and compliance on top of mind. Infor OS’s base platform, which Infor CSI is built on, equates to increased uptime and enhanced certified security. It allows for greater monitoring and accountability among your staff while ensuring that best practices, policies, and procedures are being followed to a tee. This heightened monitoring is applied across all areas of your business, from financial processes and segregation of duties enforcement to risk and compliance management.

Infor takes the need for security very seriously and provides world-class security services. They are constantly reviewing, testing, and updating their software to ensure compliance is strictly adhered to. Having a robust SaaS platform that also takes care of your security and compliance concerns, lets you focus on the bigger picture and future priorities, like strategic growth initiatives, your key business objectives, and innovation.

Optimized Scalability

In business, innovation is the key to sustaining growth, and stagnation ensures its slow death. We don’t mean to be threatening, but the reality is that to thrive in a fiercely competitive market one must innovate. Infor OS platform lets you scale your business quickly up or down depending on market trends, opportunities, and threats. Not sure where you will be in 10 years? That’s not a problem. Infor OS lets you leverage new software as it comes to market, thereby increasing your scalability and competitive edge.

It’s simple, the more agile your business, the more successful it will be. If we learned anything from the last two years, it’s that we need to be able to act quickly. Businesses need the adaptability and the flexibility to proactively prepare for unforeseen events and market changes. You need software that doesn’t impede your growth or hamper modernization. Large innovators that outperform their big-company peers put more money behind their innovation programs—1.4 times more as a percentage of sales—and they get far greater payoffs, about four times as much as a percentage of sales. Infor OS helps you accelerate innovation in your business by providing a technology framework you can build off from both now and in the future.

Strong Partnership: Infor & Amazon Web Services

Infor OS provides a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) that gives you the base functionality of an all-inclusive system, rather than other modular solutions. Not only does Infor OS provide best-in-class capabilities, but it also is truly the foundation for your entire enterprise ecosystem. Leveraging AWS’s world-class infrastructure, Infor delivers multiple seamless business cloud software solutions designed for specific industries. Infor’s strategic partnership with AWS provides its customers with the highest level of support, security and reliability, new opportunities, deeper ERP functionality, and tons of areas for innovation.

If you found this Part 1 of ‘Why Getting an All-in-One Solution Can Be Great for Your Business’ helpful, be sure to check out Part 2, where we’ll be talking about the core capabilities to look for in an all-in-one solution and the importance of customization. As always, if you have any questions on how to advance your business, be sure to drop us a line. We’re happy to talk.

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