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Kiara is passionate about finding solutions that improve your day. She believes that business problems are like puzzles – some have tried and true answers; some require thinking out of the box. Many need a little of both. Kiara’s also a firm believer into breaking big challenges down into small, achievable chunks, and celebrating the wins.

Blending multiple disciplines and a wide variety of experiences allows Kiara to bring a fresh perspective to the table and partner with you to help improve your business systems. Start with a love of technology and a degree in Computing and Information Sciences, toss in a healthy helping of sociology (people work in systems, too!), blend in a love of data, databases, and all the fascinating information you can discover in them, mix in an MBA in Leadership and Change Management, sprinkle in a bit of CPA, and top off with practical experience with a variety of clients and industries and you’ve built a recipe for a successful partnership.

Please let Kiara know how she can be of help to your organization. She can be reached at 847.418.8162 or via email at KRodemaker@btpartners.com.

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