Powerful Cloud ERP manufacturing, distribution and supply chain solutions

Built on the Force.com cloud computing platform.


Enables manufacturers and distributors to cut costs, improve processes, and increase revenue with minimal
IT infrastructure investment.

Meet Rootstock!

See what sets Rootstock apart.

Rootstock offers a better and more reliable way to:

  • Plan and execute required activities
  • Deliver essential information to all parts of the organization
  • Improve timely and informed business decision-making

Rootstock apps also provide the control and visibility required to elevate the total performance of manufacturing, distribution and supply chain operations. Applications provide a robust SaaS solution enabling mid-market manufacturers and distributors to cut costs, Improve processes, and drive revenues.

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Rootstock Highlights

Learn about Rootstock’s key differences.

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    100% Native Force.com App

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    Rootstock is ERP unleashed –
    enjoy all the benefits
    of traditional Manufacturing
    ERP online.

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    Real-time management of
    manufacturing and supply
    chain operations

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    Rootstock was designed and
    architected by Manufacturing
    software experts.

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    Complete solution for shorter
    implementation times,
    lower costs, a quick payback
    of investment and a significant
    return on investment.

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    Rootstock is packed with
    the extensive features you
    need in your ERP.

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Designed by manufacturing software experts.

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Cut costs, improve processes, and increase revenue.