Multidimensional Business Insight [Video]

Track your operational and financial data to gain unsurpassed reporting power and a holistic view of your entire operation. Intacct enables you to create any kind of report or visualization you want—using metrics that move the needle. Key benefits: Improve decision-making by analyzing the performance of unique business drivers Simplify your chart of accounts without … Continue reading “Multidimensional Business Insight [Video]”

Streamlined Processes = Cost Savings [Video]

Increase efficiency and drive growth for your organization. We encourage you to take a few minutes to watch this video on how customers are streamlining their processes and saving costs. The average payback period using Intacct cloud ERP software is less than six months.  

Business Process Mapping Improves ERP Implementation

Organizations often face the challenging situation where its existing ERP software is not adequately addressing the needs of the business. It may be because the business has outgrown its ERP system or the technology is not sufficiently extendable due to the age of the ERP platform. As the search for a new ERP system begins, … Continue reading “Business Process Mapping Improves ERP Implementation”

How to Select a Platform

In a recent post titled “Platform-Based vs Traditional ERP vendors”, we explored the advantages of a platform-based technology approach for today’s businesses seeking ways to remain competitive and achieve efficiencies. In this post, we’ll discuss how to assess a platform and determine whether a given platform will be able to address an organization’s needs over … Continue reading “How to Select a Platform”

Platform-Based vs Traditional ERP vendors

The approach of traditional ERP vendors is being significantly challenged by the current generation of platform-based ERP providers. In this article, we’ll explain the differences between the traditional and platform-based ERP approaches, the advantages of a platform-based approach, and the actions that CFOs, CIOs, and COOs should consider. The Traditional ERP approach: Historically, an ERP … Continue reading “Platform-Based vs Traditional ERP vendors”

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