The Four Step Approach to Building a Data Driven Culture

Competitive advantage can be realized through the adoption of a data-driven culture. This article will explain what a data-driven culture is and the approach an organization should consider in its adoption.  Core to the approach is embracing the concept that data is a highly valuable asset and can be used to optimize the ways in … Continue reading “The Four Step Approach to Building a Data Driven Culture”

Platform-Based vs Traditional ERP vendors

The approach of traditional ERP vendors is being significantly challenged by the current generation of platform-based ERP providers. In this article, we’ll explain the differences between the traditional and platform-based ERP approaches, the advantages of a platform-based approach, and the actions that CFOs, CIOs, and COOs should consider. The Traditional ERP approach: Historically, an ERP … Continue reading “Platform-Based vs Traditional ERP vendors”


Here’s a typical organizational challenge…

The IT organization is tasked with addressing an ever-expanding and increasingly complex set of strategic matters.

While, at the same time…

IT as a Profit Center

For decades, IT departments have been a characterized as a cost center. The services and capabilities
information technology provides are often treated on par with legal, accounting, or human resources – as strategically vital, but cost-heavy functions. While it’s always true there are expenses associated with IT, there’s also historically been generated value. The issue is that this value historically does not accrue within IT, which means there isn’t a true revenue side within IT. The value instead is what accrues across the entire business.

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