Ultra Consultants recently published a briefing on BT Partners and SYSPRO. We’re pleased to share this report.

In a recent vendor briefing, BT Partners gave us a look into the SYSPRO ERP technology, along with some key features of the solution. The session began with an overview of the company provided by Ralph Kubek, Director of Client Engagement.

It is clear BT Partners understands their client’s business, and have experience with approaching the work through a trusted advisor role.

About BT Partners

BT Partners is accustomed to working alongside services provided by firms like Ultra. In addition, they offer full-service technology consulting, while utilizing a strategic approach to solve challenges.

BT Partners offers big business and industry experience. The company has 50 employees, all of whom tout strong qualifications in all functional areas necessary for a successful ERP implementation in the manufacturing and distribution space. This includes CPAs, engineers, and APICS-qualified personnel who are all available as resources on any given project.

95% of SYSPRO Active users are manufacturers and distributors, but they also have few customers in the service industry. Most of their clients are somewhere around $20 million to $150 million in annual revenue. They typically take on growing companies transitioning out of the $15 million range and upwards.

During the vendor briefing, Kubek presented a client spotlight on Grainger, who has grown tremendously since implementing SYSPRO. They first implemented the solution in 1998, and has kept SYSPRO as their ERP provider until this day.

Service Offerings

BT Partners offer three main services:

  • Managed Services/IT
  • Management Consulting (ERP optimization, BPI)
  • Business Software (i.e. SYSPRO ERP, Intacct, Rootstock, and DOMO)

The company has over 250 active clients, most of whom function within the small-to-midsize bracket. Their SYSPRO ERP practice has a target market of entrepreneurial to medium-sized companies in the manufacturing and distribution space.

SYSPRO has a target market of manufacturing and distribution companies in the small and medium-sized space as already mentioned. SYSPRO ERP is an inventory-focused system, and routing Bill of Materials (BOMs) are a key focus.

BT Partners has partnerships across Salesforce and Intacct Platforms. They especially cater to customers who are looking for cloud, SaaS and Multi-tenant platforms.

BT Partners has been a SYSPRO ERP partner for over 20 years, and were one of the first Value Added Resellers (VAR) in the country. BT Partners work with a number of SYSPRO Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partners in order to ensure a complete product offering to their target market.

SYSPRO ERP Technology Drivers

There are several aspects of the SYSPRO ERP technology that differentiate it from the pack. These include:

  • Agile user interface
  • Role-based administration
  • SYSPRO Espresso Mobile
  • Scalable
  • Workflow management
  • Integration framework

The SYSPRO ERP Technology

SYSPRO ERP bases it products around appropriate and relevant industry standards. The solution is developed using business objectives, and is highly selective.

The SYSPRO ERP solution offers a unique single-code base. Their Integration Framework supports a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Built on Microsoft’s Windows Communication Foundation, SYSPRO ERP features a modular approach built around core solutions.

SYSPRO’s development layers ensure that as you upgrade, obsolete issues will be avoided. The solution is not yet available on the cloud, but users do have preliminary access through Espresso Mobile – this feature is cloud compatible, yet still in development for desktop applications.

BT Partners anticipates it will be around 18-24 months until there will be a full offering of cloud ERP services. However, the Espresso Mobile component is already ready.

SYSPRO ERP Core Applications

SYSPRO offers a full host of end-to-end solutions for their products. Within their Supply Chain Management (SCM) capability, they offer:

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Web Applications
  • eCommerce
  • Workflow Services
  • Document Management
  • Office Integration
  • Customer Relationship Management

Within operations, SYSPRO offers warehouse management, bar code solutions, shop floor data collection, quality, and shipping solutions.

In terms of business monitoring, SYSPRO provides analytics, business intelligence, dashboards, cash flow forecasting, financial ratios, tax solutions, and a tool called the “budget maestro.”

With regards to configuration management from an engineering perspective, it was discussed that SYSPRO ERP can handle configuration integration.

The BT Partners Ecosystem

Around 15,500 companies use SYSPRO ERP worldwide – BT Partners works with over 200 of them. There are SYSPRO ERP customers in over 63 countries, thus the software offers extensive language capabilities. BT Partners collaborates with over 100 business partners, and a number of strategic third party vendors such as Avalara, Cadacus, Lynq, V-Technologies, etc.

The implementation services offered by SYSPRO are along the lines of what would be provided by a firm like Ultra. They follow an ERP implementation methodology with project management tools that is also used by BT Partners.

Reviews such as business readiness and moving from sandbox mode to live are processes that are planned and budgeted for on-site assistance along the way. Although implementation periods may vary in time required, the implementation services can minimize the risk of lengthy implementations.


The annual license fee for SYSPRO is typically 15% of the software cost, and most users subscribe. Hardware costs vary depending upon the needs of the client. Multiple hosting options exist, and as they already mentioned, will soon be available from a cloud service perspective.

SYSPRO has features for data management and traffic when deployed. Even on a multi-site architecture, the solution is capable of running a single instance for server communication purposes.


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