Finally. A Better Life. [Video]

Domo’s business management platform will not only simplify your daily business decisions – it will simplify your life. Domo automates your reporting and gives you the ability to make faster, better-informed decisions – which means less time spent gathering information and creating reports and more time enjoying the things you love. Check out this brief … Continue reading “Finally. A Better Life. [Video]”

How spreadsheets are messing with your bottom line.

Spreadsheets are an undeniably useful tool. When it comes to calculating data, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more robust, readily available solution. But when it comes to reporting, spreadsheets cause major problems. Here are three ways spreadsheets are hurting your bottom line when you use them for reporting: They’re time consuming. They’re error … Continue reading “How spreadsheets are messing with your bottom line.”

The Four Step Approach to Building a Data Driven Culture

Competitive advantage can be realized through the adoption of a data-driven culture. This article will explain what a data-driven culture is and the approach an organization should consider in its adoption.  Core to the approach is embracing the concept that data is a highly valuable asset and can be used to optimize the ways in … Continue reading “The Four Step Approach to Building a Data Driven Culture”

Don’t Let Hidden IT Costs or Risks Sink your PE Deal!

IT due diligence is often one of the most overlooked processes in M&A activity. Although many PE professionals are extremely thorough with their financial and legal diligence, IT matters tend to barely enter the conversation.

This is surprising and, in my opinion, a mistake. As Mark Cattini, President and CEO of AutoTask so aptly put it “You respect what you inspect.”

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